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  1. What dose CDC think about today signings?

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    2. Wilbur


      I see the value in the pick ups but when it was stated the Canucks were going to go younger they made moves today that means most likely:

      1)  Gaunce is waiver bound (which is fine, good chance he'll clear anyway)

      2)  One of Goldobin or Leipsic will be gone (either in a trade for scraps or waivers)

      3)  Gaudette starts the season in the AHL

      4)  Pettersson is the only rookie on the roster in October


      I get the depth, and it's probably for the better, but this doesn't sound like getting younger.  I would be happier if I was 100% confident management is willing to waive veterans for rookies that have proven to be too good in Utica, but I'm not.  There are two forward vets, Baertschi and Sutter, that have tradeable contracts.  And I have zero interest in trading Sutter (this year at least, his hard minutes are too valuable).  Eriksson, Beagle, Gagner, and Roussel are not tradeable contracts so I hope management is willing to waive them when the time comes.

    3. dukeofcanuck


      Overpaid on the new additions but it doesn't matter much. We won't be competing for 4 years.

    4. Coconuts


      I don't imagine we'd have a hard time getting a contender to pay for Beagle or Roussel if we were to retain cap in a couple seasons, especially with the cap likely to continue climbing. Both of em are players playoff and cup contenders want in their bottom six. Hell, even without cap retention I still imagine someone would bite.


      Both players reportedly had many teams after em, it's why we overpaid a bit on term and avg to bring them here.

  2. If Blue Jackets pick Pierre luc dubois at #3 and Edmonton Takes Matthew Tkachuk at 4. Do go with Jesse Puljujärvi at 5?

    1. Rush17


      YES! YES! YE$!

  3. What you guys think about jensen being called up?

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    2. Rick Grimes

      Rick Grimes

      I'm loving it. We're actually playing our young players this year. It's about damn time.

    3. mpass1


      Last year he lit it up with Burrows & H.Sedin...Hopefully he comes back to do the same

    4. Salmonberries


      If this means Vrbata is injured, I'm not super enthused.

  4. Are Canucks and Flames still rivals?

    1. Go Faulk Yourself

      Go Faulk Yourself

      Rivaling for that top-end prospect in next years draft, yeah.

    2. luongotv


      Very much so

  5. wiggle wiggle wiggle YEAH!!

  6. mhmm boobies

    1. Chip Kelly
    2. Tough As Salo

      Tough As Salo

      Wreck Beach is that way.


    3. kanucks25


      You mean the bird, right? Even if you don't, claim you do, or else this will get deleted. :( Nobody wants boobies to get deleted. :)