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  1. Higgins showing why he's in minors tonight big time
  2. Whatever team that scores next will win this game.
  3. Does anyone know of a bar in Puerto Vallarta to catch Canucks games? Ive been here all week and missed three games already and wifi here sucks so can't really keep track of the score either. Any help would be appreciated. Go Canucks Go
  4. Yes we need to draft a d-man first, we need help back there ASAP!
  5. I was done with him when he was a no-show in last years playoffs.
  6. Linesman didn't help there
  7. I've been following this team since the 70's and rarely miss any games. I'm looking forward to watching some of these kids play down the stretch but I'll be in Mexico on spring break so I guess I won't be able to watch every game even though I would want to.
  8. I hope it works out, as long as you're a Canuck I'll cheer for you.
  9. Nice clear Vrbata
  10. Voted no on this idea even though I wore the yellow version as a practice jersey in minor hockey back in the day. Everyone made fun of it but I didn't care.
  11. Virtanen was laying out some real solid hits,strong along the wall and made some plays plus pulling away on that breakaway. All and all was one of his best games this year, much more productive than Prust has ever been.
  12. Virtanen hits are real heavy. Keep it up!