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  1. Which blackberry do you got? I see some people who also have colour-coded conversations for their SMS's
  2. No you don't need to go all the way back and re-open all your messages. If the notification is still there after you opened the message just restart your phone by taking out the battery and it will disappear
  3. No RIM will be releasing apps periodically but right now all i see is that drivesafely app too.
  4. I love my Bold 9700 and have no glitches with it for almost a year now. IMO, the thing I don't like about the new Bold 9900 is that the LED light is a small dot instead of the usual inch-long LED light that most of the phones have.
  5. Any news when the os 6 will come out officially for the 9700 on the bb desktop manager? I can't wait!!
  6. What are some sites to download os 6 on the blackberry 9700? Because the Blackberry Desktop Manager isn't offering it.
  7. Does anybody know how to disable the clicking flash sound off from the camera?
  8. Banned for only having a low +111 rating.