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  1. When I listen to Dr. Henry I believe she is trying to walk the line of what a prolonged absence of no schooling can do to kids, long term implications like learning and mental health. NOWHERE do I get the idea that she is trumping the health of BC citizens over business...cmon wtf?? You can be insufferable Let me ask you this KOS, are YOU okay with dealing with the long term affects of the mental well being of a generation of kids growing up now? I mean, since you like to constantly criticize, don't you think that this is an angle to be looked at, or are you one of those guys that's happy just bitching and moaning without any meaningful input??
  2. would anybody have any recommendations as to which streaming service to use if one does not have cable to watch all the games?
  3. Just watched this as well, was alright. The biggest impression it left me was it had the same feeling of this book I read about 18 years ago called "House of Leaves" To be sure - the plots are very different but the overall feeling was the same. Kinda feeling claustrophobic and despondent. Its funny though, haven't thought about "House of Leaves" in years and this movie made me think of it early in.
  4. I don't have cable or any subscriptions at all, so if I gotta pay 100 a year for every game...I'm in
  5. Anytime Fitness user here, just started to go back. I've always been a early riser. When I was working I had no problem waking up at 3 am, working out and ready for work at 7 am. I'm not working now but am following the same schedule. The gym is very slow at that time. Just like everyone else, even though I worked out at home it's definitely not the same, and have gained weight as a result. My plan for blasting back into shape is to hit every station 5 times with low to medium weights and in between sets do some sort of step cardio movement. Maybe a couple of box jumps or step ups. I've been at it for a couple of days now and have noticed my energy levels boost WAY up and am feeling better about myself(what a good cure for depression!!) even though my weight and body shape has not really changed. Before the pandemic I was in shape and feeling good, I know it's going to be a long haul to get back there again!!
  6. Why don't we make it now? Why don't we start fresh and say "hey, doesn't this make sense for Canada for us to extract, produce, refine and sell back someting that is legitimately ours back to ourselves?" Why can't we ask that? What can't we ask our government that? Our government lets it happen...it's our freaking government!!!
  7. It doesn't though. That's the thing, any excuse flippant or not. We can, as a country, make it where we buy our own oil from ourselves. There's no excuse. You think Norway imports oil from somewhere else? Whats wrong with you? Can't you see how easy this is? Or are you being obtuse?
  8. I don't really think so, we already sell to the states at a loss. Most of our money stays in Canada this way. I don't understand how this can't be good
  9. Okay, so I'm not going to argue the movie itself, I'll check it out when I have time. But to your last point, you could argue that while we transition down, why not sell ourselves our own product. Why make some other country richer? There still is and will be a demand for oil weather it agrees with your political beliefs. Why can't we extract, produce, refine and sell that stuff to ourselves and in the meantime enrich ourselves doing it? Instead we buy mostly from Saudi Freaking Arabia? We import arguably our biggest consumable that we could be making ourselves. Are we f**king stupid? Whats wrong with us? Seriously?
  10. Yeah...no good, whatever, be stupid, or lazy I don't know. Meh? at best?
  11. I don't know what your context is here...
  12. Stuff like this is stupid, partisan whataboutism, NOBODY is saying Sheer would be better. What some people are saying is that Trudeau-who is our leader and sets policies-is saying that Canadians should buy Canadian stuff. We consume a lot of oil. Period. We have the capacity to make refined products to sell to ourselves. We Can Sell Our Own Oil to ourselves. Instead he's pandered to a large electorate who is against this because of stupid reasons. We can build a stupid freaking pipeline that can sell our own product to ourselves out east. Its that simple. Once again this isn't about Scheer, It's about the liberals telling us to buy Canadian, then selling us something that isn't but could easily be produced here. Jesus It's really not that hard
  13. Ughh. No, he wants Canada to buy Canadian products, he's not talking about selling it to other countries. We have the capacity to sell ourselves our own stuff, oil being a large amount of it. So give some mental gymnastics on how Kinder Morgan does tha
  14. ^ Kinder Morgan is not about buying Canadian. It's to export. Did you forget that?
  15. Done quite well by Pure Gold Mining. Fully funded Canadian gold mine. Quite big jumps the last couple of trading days. Might still be some value there