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  1. in before the lock...first time ...YEAH!!
  2. stupid question...do we not still have cole cassels? have we forgotten about him?
  3. if you bought the ounce at 500 and sell for 1000 you make 500?
  4. i think people are also mesmerized by the tv shows you see today where you HAVE to have this type of hardwood floor or NEED SS appliances. not everything has to look like some house got flipped for crazy profit. home buyers can act spoiled as well
  5. im grappling with this sorta as well... condos and townhomes have usually lower prices but strata fees... i would rather say forget the strata fees and put that money in equity in the house. also, it will be way easier to sell the house when it comes time. theres going to be a glut of condos and townhouses in the lower mainland soon
  6. house. i am (sorta)lucky enough to work a trade where the place i chose to live doesnt matter. got a big fat down payment already and looking to get more
  7. Honestly, a bit too esoteric and confusing for me. All I know is that I've made mistakes in the past financially and have lived under the dark cloud spectre of debt for far too long until not too long ago when I worked my ass off and got out of debt. Now every dollar I put in the bank is mine. This is how I think(for me) I will survive whatever is thrown my way. I can't offer opinions about the collapse of capitalism and after, only trying to get by and navigate a &^@#ed up world while trying to be happy, sane, prosperous and responsible.
  8. I hate calgary so much, but am pretty stoked they are building something great over there.....if that makes any sense
  9. Man, I've never understood this bravado about feeling secure all armed up to whatever. If someone REALLY wanted to take someone out who is armed, it really wouldn't be that hard.
  10. Really hate it when we play too defensive
  11. might be a long shot for the teachers. maybe they agree to a deal that leads them through to the next election and then take their chances of maybe negotiating with the ndp?
  12. I am all for anything that makes servers(and cooks to a less extent because they get tipped out as well) pay full taxes on income earned. servers can easily make 20 to 50k a year on non taxed income.
  13. if Montreal wins, anyone thinks iginla will bolt to them or Chicago? #teamslut
  14. walmart in salmon arm has one left
  15. just watched Beyond The Black Rainbow, a sort of modern made retro 80's dystopian movie with a killer soundtrack. be warned, its a slow moving acid trip with great brilliant use of visuals. locally made too