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  1. I still think that Ferland is "that" depth playoff performer that every team needs to go deep into the playoffs. You know the "average" regular season guy that excels during a deep run. It's not so much that I think he will do that in Carolina - because they are not going to be contenders anytime soon - but I'm happy that a turd team like Calgary lost him
  2. *shoulder shrug* at least tell me what ANTFA means
  3. ^^ holy crap, why are you here?
  4. Calgary is going to miss Ferland if they ever go deep into the playoffs
  5. Kinder Morgan Pipeline is too risky for BC Coastline

    BC's growth mostly due to a housing bubble of which is largely concentrated in small ares. You could also make a case for how carbon intensive it is to renovate a lot of these tear downs. Also, this is about BC and not just Vancouver
  6. Kinder Morgan Pipeline is too risky for BC Coastline

    without natural resources - mining, energy, forestry(pulp and paper) western canada really has nothing. i suppose we could survive for a bit with the tear down and rebuild of houses in the vancouver area - along with the influx of foreign money. doesnt really seem like a sound strategy
  7. Bitcoin (is your money safe)

    stupid question, we are seeing a revolution with blockchain tech right now with the power of computer processing. will we see another revolution when quantum computing gets introduced?
  8. Minor car accident, no damage. Report to ICBC?

    I drive an 06 ram 2500. Last years snowfall I VERY minorly rear ended a crossover SUV(forget what it was). Totally my fault. When we stopped immediately he jumped out and we exchanged information. Gave him my phone number and license plate number, apologized ect. He then proceded to take a TON of pictures on his phone. Crouching down and taking pics of his front wheel wells and my back. All the emblems on both vehicles from all angles, thought it was kind of weird. He then wanted to see my drivers license and insurance to take pics of that as well. I told him no, he's got enough information. Eventually when we parted ways I made a comment that it was lucky that no one got hurt. He said we'll see about that and i thought that was weird as well cause he was deffo taking pictures like nothing was wrong(crouching, getting down on one knee) He did make a claim against me and I cant remember exactly how much it was for, but I do know it was sub1200 dollars. The damage to my front bumper was so minimal that I didn't make a claim. What really pisses me off is that when I was contacted by ICBC, they told me he made a medical claim. I was incredulous!!! I told the lady on the phone what happened and she was taken back as well but said they will take care of it. I don't know what happened but was soooo pissed off that someone would try that. Lesson learned...if anything happens like that again to me, I'm gonna take out my phone and start recording whats going on. Also, to write down what happened single spaced when I get home while it's still fresh in my mind. The bump was so small and damage so minimal, I have no doubt he was looking for more money.
  9. What are your most prized possessions?

    this little bad boy....distortion goodness
  10. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    so here's a question to put out there... im just a regular BC dude. born and raised in langley, not from wealthy parents. made some mistakes when i was younger, got into cc debt...kinda drifting nowhere. never thought i could own my own place, always thought it was unachievable. fast forward about ten years...got into a trade, excelled at it, made good money. paid off all my debts, got responsible, started saving. finally bought a nicer townhouse in chilliwack for 365k with a decent down payment and a manageable mortage .(kinda think i lucked out cause its crazy here too) so my question is, after doing all the responsible things(decent down payment, no other debts, emergency money in the bank..ect), am i gonna get screwed over if things fall and go south?? how bad will it be?? i suspect im not alone gotta say im quite nervous
  11. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    as ive said before and i will say again. the money our provincial government(weather it be liberal/ndp/green) they will get will be to inciting for them not to do anything about it.
  12. Provincial Election Thread

    wait till the ndp and greens get addicted to that money...they are going to need it