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  1. wiseupsucker

    [Video] Tom Wilson absolutely rocks Oscar Sundqvist

    not cool with it at all
  2. wiseupsucker

    [Video] Tom Wilson absolutely rocks Oscar Sundqvist

    You better believe it, I'm shocked at how many posters think this is okay
  3. wiseupsucker

    [Video] Tom Wilson absolutely rocks Oscar Sundqvist

    Seriously though, then the rule needs to be changed. The NHL. is moving towards a more skilled game, where a lot of our skilled forwards are going to be making these very same plays. Sure the coaches are going to teach them to keep their heads up, but they are young and you really think they are going to remember to do it all the time? You Really Think They Are Going To Do It All The Time? Our young core IS going to be making these plays(and so are others)...You really think that these types of hits benefit the NHL - who already have concussion issues? I so hope that Travis Green does NOT condone or encourage these type of hits
  4. wiseupsucker

    [Video] Tom Wilson absolutely rocks Oscar Sundqvist

    Agree to disagree. This years Stanley cup finals, a hard hitting and hard checking skilled game, with none of this crap in it. If you think it's clean by the rules, then I want it changed. BUT I still think you are wrong for thinking this type of stuff is acceptable rules or not
  5. wiseupsucker

    [Video] Tom Wilson absolutely rocks Oscar Sundqvist

    what the eff is wrong with you. The point of the game is to score goals - which is what he was doing. You want the game full of goons going out for predatory hits and everyone else playing a boring unskilled game of "not getting hit"?
  6. I don't care that you don't support this guy Earlier you said "Apparently there is democrats that are supporting this guy. " I asked who? You posted an article that didn't say anything about democrats specifically supporting this guy....what the article did say was "some Democrats may ultimately support Kavanaugh" which is your quote from the article above but it doesn't really delve into the specifics of democrats who are actually showing support for him right now - which is what you originally stated
  7. So...am I right or wrong? Does he have any support from the dems? Or are you being contrarian because you like "toying with a few of the whiners here and there" <---which are your words. What about it then?
  8. NOTHING you posted says he has confirmed support from the dems, of which was the original statement. He might get confirmed yes, but there is no evidence of DIRECT support from the dems. Anyways, troll away, it's what you do
  9. Actually I was wrong, It was different. Anyways here's the link https://omny.fm/shows/roy-green-show/callers-do-canadians-prefer-trudeau-or-trump
  10. HAHAHAHAHA...they are supporting him???? LOL....go back and read the article buddy... "The two red-state Democrats, who face tough re-election battles this fall, cautioned that they would wait until this week's hearings to conclude to ultimately make a decision." ^^from the article. How Is this supporting him??
  11. Bullcrap. My facebook feed is full of American style politics attack memes. So many of them are unfounded Roy Green did a segment a while back about who would win in a election in Canada...Trump or Trudeau? This from a national Canadain talk radio host To say that the ramifications aren't felt worldwide are ill informed and narrow sighted Plus, if the shirt sparks something in him to get informed politically, get educated and form his own opinions(in his country or wherever) then whats wrong with that?
  12. wiseupsucker

    Can't stand the TSN 1040 Morning Show

    Can't be any worse than the 24hrs straight of "on air" ads like subway, king of floors and all sorts of logistics companies. "Want to try a Korean pul--" click.