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  1. this little bad boy....distortion goodness
  2. so here's a question to put out there... im just a regular BC dude. born and raised in langley, not from wealthy parents. made some mistakes when i was younger, got into cc debt...kinda drifting nowhere. never thought i could own my own place, always thought it was unachievable. fast forward about ten years...got into a trade, excelled at it, made good money. paid off all my debts, got responsible, started saving. finally bought a nicer townhouse in chilliwack for 365k with a decent down payment and a manageable mortage .(kinda think i lucked out cause its crazy here too) so my question is, after doing all the responsible things(decent down payment, no other debts, emergency money in the bank..ect), am i gonna get screwed over if things fall and go south?? how bad will it be?? i suspect im not alone gotta say im quite nervous
  3. as ive said before and i will say again. the money our provincial government(weather it be liberal/ndp/green) they will get will be to inciting for them not to do anything about it.
  4. wait till the ndp and greens get addicted to that money...they are going to need it
  5. 460k in 2009
  6. bring back the skate with blue colors? edit...just googled it and it looks horrible
  7. so just a small story here. my father listed his house in north delta less than a week ago for 880 000. on tuesday it sold for 981 000. 101k over asking price no conditions, no restrictions. good for him...
  8. I also find Bmac Donnie and the Moj to be equally unbearable as well. Non stop open road audi "live" commercials(or other suchlike) and general boring jokes and banter between them without any substance. No I don't care about XXXX sports bar and grill to fill the time. Don't know whats worse, them or Steele and Drex
  9. will be excited as long as they have a good balance of perks and maps for all types of players. run and gun type perks cautious player type perks sniper type perks should be able to build loadouts for different styles and different situations for good variety also,(im gonna get killed for this) I thought AW had a good mix of soldier tech(just the exo suits) with boots on the ground(you can do well without even boostjumping) and different playstyles excited to see what sledgehammer brings...
  10. in the next two weeks going to buy a townhouse in chilliwack. its the only place I can afford. SUPER stoked and scared at the same time!!!
  11. sutter seems like the type of coach for more established yet young playoff teams.... Winnipeg would be a good fit i understand Winnipeg didn't make it but i think they underachieved
  12. in before the lock...first time ...YEAH!!
  13. stupid question...do we not still have cole cassels? have we forgotten about him?
  14. if you bought the ounce at 500 and sell for 1000 you make 500?
  15. if Montreal wins, anyone thinks iginla will bolt to them or Chicago? #teamslut