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  1. Granny ices the game!
  2. 2 plugs on 2 on 1 is the same as 2 on 2.
  3. I guess they can never actually play for full 60 minutes. Ever since they went up 3-0 it's been stinking.
  4. PP is a total wreckage
  5. I have to get the brainwashing started now!
  6. Did they finally run out of things to talk about the leafs? EDIT: never mind.
  7. Discipline is always important too.
  8. I remember that goal too. I screamed like crazy.
  9. Brock's watching "Building Brock" on an iPad?
  10. You make all of us proud, Deb. And you're a good mother teaching your kid how to be independent.
  11. Goddang it Vintage you spoiled it for me!
  12. That's because he's missing all the shinpads. Edler's bang on, never misses a shinpad.
  13. Finally. double digits in SOG.
  14. Edler and Tanev are so out of sync in the D zone...
  15. Edler's drawing committing penalties like flies are drawing into a crap.