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  1. That's so sad but also so happy for Oshie... Hope today is one of the best days of their lives for all the Caps players and their families.
  2. on a bright side, we have Vancouver's beautiful Summer coming up... well, almost here... I hope.
  3. My sentiment exactly. Now at least I know how great it feels when the team you cheer for wins it all. Hasn't happened since... never mind. Ovechkin deserved it more than anyone else, and he gave his all to win it... Just like you always do, Vintage. My hats off to both of you.
  4. Damn it TJ stop putting water in my eyes.
  5. Ovechkin and Backstrom... They are Henrik and Daniel of Washington. It still hurts to think this didn't happened to Sedins...
  6. Man... looking at this I don't know how I'd feel when our Canucks finally won it all... ㅜ ㅜ
  7. Now Trump has to invite a bunch of Russians and an Afro-American to White House. Must be a good day.
  8. Vegas has used up all their luck for the next 10 years. Now there's nothing but pain and misery left for them.
  9. He doesn't have to, everyone knows he's wrong always.
  10. I can picture the little girl Caps fan and how happy she is right now.
  11. Vegas fans won't burn down the Strip, will they?