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  1. No, Pearson is doing a lot more than Leipsic did and he's been a proven scorer in the nhl. This season aside, Pearson has been a consistent 40+ point producer throughout his career. He also kills penalty and is the best forechecker we have on the roster. His chemistry with Bo has been noticeable as well.
  2. Congrats Petey! Okay, and that's enough of looking back for ya. Now keep moving forward, toward the biggest prize in hockey!
  3. Classy move by Bo and Petey. Hope the rest of the league zebras saw what we have here. We deserve more respect all around.
  4. Will Green put QH out in OT? He must be ice cold by now.
  5. Insurmountable lead against Canucks, favorite score for the other teams.
  6. Goddamn it. I love 3 on 3 but don't want to watch it every game
  7. Though I love playoff hockey, I'm tired of watching playoff hockey without my team in it. it will be another 6 months of dog days after a week...