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  1. It owes a lot to our goalies. Our team defence ranks among the worst if not the worst.
  2. Except the line will be named "Six Feet Under" as none of them are taller than 5'10".
  3. The real sparkplug we could use is someone who can score, hit, make plays and fight since we have none.
  4. Don't worry I sensed that
  5. While they still possess above-average (passing?) skills and hockey IQ, Sedins have no motivation to play with urgency. And as we have seen over the years repeatedly, they are amazingly reluctant to shoot the puck for 1st liners and have no plan B when going gets tough -- i.e. if the other team breaks their cycle game (which now most teams seem to have figured out how to, btw) they simply become liabilities on the other end. Don't get me wrong I still think Sedins will be in the HHOF someday and the best players we ever had. But everyone including Sedins themselves, know their chances for the Cup has been long gone and the only thing left is playing out the strings. I appreciate Sedins' loyalty to this city and the fans... it's just sad we aren't moving forward anytime soon having them carry the team until they retire, which is also unfair to them.
  6. I heard the guys at ESPN got their desk & chair back.
  7. I think hockey god sprinkled fairy dust on us by mistake, while dozing off about a week ago.
  8. What Miller really wanted to say.
  9. On unrelated news, LA just tied the game with 5 mins to go. Damn double whammy.
  10. Apparently you and I interpret "a lot" very differently, Sven.
  11. We are the only NHL team that's being led by two 36- year olds who look for pass first, second, third... well, no matter how long it takes until they find a PERFECT chance.
  12. And have the players hold a beachball on their nose while on a unicycle? In fact, that will be more entertaining than letting them torture our eyes playing (what they think) hockey.
  13. Cool. We got shut out by the team whose stingy defence once allowed a rookie to score 4 goals on them on his 1st game. It's a shame that Stetcher couldn't do the same.
  14. TBH that's how the team has been playing most of the nights for the past 2 years. Zero enthusiasm and no entertainment whatsoever.
  15. That you can still be a HHOF player even if you decline scoring goals.