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  1. Whoever sent you out to the stage kid, slap him hard and kick him in the balls. And sorry but no, you know nothing about perseverance if you truly are a Canucks fan... yet.
  2. Holy F**k. The way Vegas is plucking quality players and draft picks from the other teams, their team should have been named Highway Robbers.
  3. Laine is forcing himself to smile but he's surely pissed...
  4. Also hope it doesn't give Jimbo a pitiful execuse to hang onto Tanev.
  5. To promote the godawful GK sweater.
  6. Vegas got themselves a pretty good headhunter in McNabb.
  7. Sbisa is now delivering his pizzaz in Vegas... Good luck!
  8. Kessel and Malkin throwing temper tantrum. Nice. They look like babies with a fake mustache. Wonder when Crosby will join in.
  9. Kessel doesn't want any piece of Burrows LOL
  10. Forsberg is channeling his inner Lucic.
  11. LOL Kesler is doing what he does best... getting under Johansen's skin.
  12. Must've been fun for you poking around here during your team's magical, drastic and -- okay, even paranormal -- playoff run. But your team's gone home now and maybe you should too. I'm not sure what you're so desperately searching for but this is Canucks forum. Whatever you think you and your magical team deserve, you won't get it here.
  13. Could be. I also heard Craig and Jimmy.
  14. Flames, Bruins, Leafs and Oilers all done -- Mission accomplished. Now I can watch the rest of the playoffs just for fun. It'd still be something if Burr, Kes and KB2 meet in the SCF...