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  1. Flames won in OT, by the courtesy of Kyle Brodziak's skate.
  2. Bang Bang Bart scores hist 1st goal as a flame, courtesy of Jay Bouwmeester's skate.
  3. My biggest concern, especially with the new Rogers radio station looming, is having yes men all around. It will basically turn the media outlet into the team's public relations dept silencing all the criticism even the legit ones. I listen to T1040 and not always agree with their hosts' opinions, but I do appreciate their honesty and sometimes they say what the fans really think so there's that.
  4. Today's GDT should have been sub-titled "Episode IV: A New Hope" edition. And we have "The Brock"!
  5. "Expect to see my megna back in the lineup for the rest of the season" - Desjardins
  6. Thought I'd help. And no, a coach like Hitchcock isn't a good fit for developing a new young core. We need a coach who's good teacher, has lots of minor/junior league experience and won multiple championships with them.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  7. Actually it was all Willie's plan. Put out Sedins line to get them scored on a couple of goals, so that they pull their goalie and then have Boucher gets an EN. Problem was, Willie was looking for Megna instead as he totally forgot Boucher was still on the team.
  8. Sedins and Edler are THE WORST players to put on the ice in the last 2 minutes of a game, with a lead. Of course Willie's brain cramp doesn't know that.
  9. Not sure if BB will do that down 0-4. will be a possibility though if we let them back in the game, which has been the theme for much of the season...