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  1. If they won in spite of Luongo why couldn't they have won in spite of Broduer?

  2. Banned the user above you

    Banned because I'm nice.
  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Luongo and Burrows Bromance Montage
  4. thanks bud

    its quite a quote!

  5. I like your quote in your sig.

  6. try to watch any live sports games

  7. Lets start the draft! Alright for team Crosby I say (he gets first) he picks Steven Stamkos. And for team Lidstrom he picks Ovechkin just for his shear power.
  8. Well the players may not recognize Hank as a leader like the Canucks do.
  9. Do you really think Hank should be Captain? Kesler would be a better choice personally.
  10. Pronger will probably not be playing but he is one of the best leaders in the league.
  11. Thanks I had the idear late one night and decided to do it. Pronger is almost a shoe in for a captain... but Lidstrom... i'll respect your choice?
  12. So with the All-Star draft coming up and with a selection of the two captains voted in by the players we will soon be able to see who finally gets into the All-star game. Perhaps going with the format of a full roster including the three goalies and the rules from the actual All-star game draft format. We can stick with that. I think someone can do one with me or we could do a simple discussion of who would be selected captain, alternate captains and who they could eventually end up picking themselves. We would also have to discuss to see who would actually get selected as All-stars (bias free preferably). Going round by round by the current system. IF we do that format of the captains, co-captains and and such, I think we could make it interesting if we kept it as close as possible to the actual personality of the players and not our own bias for the selection of the rest of the All-star team I'll start by voting for Chris Pronger for the first team And going for another defenseman here, i'll pick Shea Webber as the second captain. Now you make your picks and I'll update this thread on saturday with our two captains and we can start selecting the first picks! Votes for Captains: Chris Pronger: 2 Nick Lidstrom: 7 Shea Webber: 1 Sidney Crosby: 7 Henrik Sedin: 3 Jarome Iginla: 1 So we have it out captains are Crosby and Nick Lidstrom! Now lets start the draft!
  13. Good jorb just noticed it.