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  1. Canucks Memes

    ^^Like this best. Is Great!
  2. Zack Kassian Talk

    There was that one comment Darren Dreger said during TradCenter after the trade occured. That there was at least one eastern conference GM that would surely be angry about Hodgson being traded, and as of the last few days that GM pushed hard to try and aquire Hodgson from VAN but was repeatedly told he was not available, most likely because that GM didn't have the right pieces the Canucks were interested in in order to make a deal. I whole heartedly believe that GM he was referring to was TOR GM Brian Burke. That is my oppinion, though could be wrong, but very much doubt it. It makes sense. Maybe was dangling Luke Schenn.
  3. Zack Kassian Talk

    I hope he surpasses Gillis's expectaions as well as CDC's expectations. One thing I over looked is that he also has some pretty decent playmaking skills apparently.
  4. Zack Kassian Talk

    I'd really like to see Kassian wear the number 77 2nd line ----> 7 17 77 With all those sevens in there, we could call them the 'Jackpot' line. I know, I know, your probably thinking to yourself, "good god not another nickname recomendation."
  5. Zack Kassian Talk

    I posted this elsewhere (not on CDC), so I'll post it here too I guess. If by any chance the Canucks have troubles offensively (secondary scoring) in the playoffs, I will surely be much much much more extremely PISSED OFF! Cody provided offensive depth and has proven to be an impact player during this season. He's scored some pretty clutch goals in some of the biggest games against some of our most hated rivals this season. We go from that to Kassian who is a BIG question mark regarding whether or not he is capable of providing offensively in the NHL right NOW. Sure he is a big and tough, gritty player with some serious offensive power forward potential, but like I said, he is a big question mark when it comes to being NHL ready to provide offense and being effective in the NHL. Just a rather large gamble at this time of year. All that above plus on top of it all the Canucks simply did no't get back enough in return for this highly skilled, highly regarded, 'Rookie of the Year' candidate, future captain and future all-star, top line projected centre such as Hodgson. This trade has left me feeling and all of Canucks nation feeling simply ripped the frack off. That is the best I can describe how I fee about this trade. Kassian now has some major expectations to fulfill in Canuckland. He better dam well turn out to be like Cam Neely dammit!
  6. Thanks! now I know what to do in the future. Yeah it was a minor lapse in concentraion as I had multiple CDC message board windows open at the time while cutting and pasting the text.

  7. has not set their status

    1. rawkdrummer


      I have a black version of the M&N Williams jersey as well. Both my size 52 M&N jerseys came from eBay as well. The Kurtenbach was a buy it now at $150 and the Williams was an auction and I got it under $100 I think. Both really nice jerseys (like new) and very high quality with Mitchell and Ness. The M&N jersey prices seem higher with size 48 or size 52. Size 56 ones are fairly cheap on eBay as they're very big, too big for me (imagine how big a size 60 must be). I ...

  8. Rumour Round-Up - Backes in Vancouver?

    One rumor from early in the season, that was mentioned as being left on the table for Gillis to ponder, was a trade deal with Dallas that involved Cory Schneider, even though no names were mention by the source in the rumor heading to Van in exchange for Cory Schneider, he did go on to say that forward he heard was a big player of their current roster, which leads one to speculate on just who exactly he was reffering to, personally I know through a source, a reliabel source that is, that Gillis and staff have some interest in Jamie Benn and Mark Fistric.