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  1. Vlad Pashinov puts the "D" in Team CDC. On pace for 410 hits. Hellz yeah.
  2. First Name; Vladimir Last Name; Pashinov Nick Name; Big Bad Vlad Position; Defense Jersey Number; 42 Shoots; Left Birth City; Moscow, Russia Height; 6'8 Weight; 255 pounds Age; 26 Birth State/Province; Citizenship; Canadian/Russian Rookie?; Nyet Visor?; Dah Visor Color?; Clear Speed; 95 Acceleration; 85 Agility; 90 Deking Ability; 60 Balance; 99 Puck Control; 85 Endurance; 95 Faceoffs/Pokecheck; 80 Passing; 80 Slap Shot Power; 70 Slap Shot Accuracy; 70 Wrist Shot Power; 60 Wrist Shot Accuracy; 70 Intensity; 85 Aggressiveness; 80 Checking; 95 Toughness; 76 Resist Penalties; 50 Resist Injuries; 50 Point totals dont count here. Select a number from 1 - 15. 1 being Shoot more, Pass more, Defense more, and 15 being pass more, carry more, offense more. Shoot-Pass; 13 Pass-Carry; 10 Defense-Offense; 1 Fighting; Often
  3. We should make blogs and threads calling out players more often.
  4. 1-0 Moose, Schroeder with an assist on the goal. 7 points in 7 games, and ANOTHER PP point.
  5. Vancouver Canucks 2022 Stanley Cup Champions, Hodgson runs out of fingers to put his cup rings on.

  6. Schroeder scores! His 3rd goal, 3rd on the PP, and 5 points in 4 games.
  7. I'm bouncing off the walls right now.
  8. Do we have the parade down East Hastings or Robson?
  9. Congrats on scoring your first goal in a while against the Sharks, Ryan, you got 2 points for us out there!

  10. 1-0 for North Dakota, Minnesota is currently on the PK.
  11. Don't let the door hit on the donkey on your way out.

    I dinay appreciate trollin'

  12. Has played for two different AHL teams, both of their NHL affiliates currently leading a division.