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  1. Emerson Etem Talk

    Didn't Etem light it up withVey on his line in MH? Willy and Benning probably hoping they can replicate the magic.
  2. Dane Fox Talk

    Ha, your right...just trying to make a point to the doubters
  3. Dane Fox Talk

    Love the goal highlights. Watch is his shot that makes Fox deadly. Listen to the commentators in the highlights and they comment numerous times about how deadly and accurate his shot is and quote Gaunce saying the same. That is why he has over 40 goals already. Like the PP highlights that show him unleash that one timer...and he can even score on breakaways. Heck, Canucks could use him now on the PP with that shot on the PP and in the shootout with how anemic those two parts of the game are for the Nucks, ha. This guy reminds me of Brett Hull - massive deadly accurate one timer but wasn't the best skater in the Hull a few points in the NHL. Some guys like Hull naturally have an ability to shoot that deadly accurate one timer and it looks like Fox has that natural ability. This is a no brainer signing after watching these goals. Can't believe this guy was left unsigned.
  4. Frank Corrado Talk

    Don't worry, Duncan Keith got cut too because he wasn't "physical enough"...but he was good enough to win a stanley cup and and a gold medal in the olympics. Go figure. Watched Keith play all through junior and had to laugh when they cut him. Some of these junior coaches and scouts are clueless at differentiating skill sets. Frankie is a victim of this same problem. Kudos to the Nucks for drafting this guy under the radar. That is assessing skill.