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  1. I know it's hard to break old habits, but our farm team is the Chicago Wolves now.
  2. Try it from a 70+ year old's perspective. I have grandkids older than some of those guys!
  3. He's doing pretty well. Right now he's in third place on points with four assists. Tonight he and Marco Rosa both scored in the shoot-out for Manitoba's SO Win.
  4. You bet your back teeth we need him! Get well quick, Alex.
  5. Both those clips were golden! He's a pitbull in a chihuahua suit!
  6. I have to agree with apricat. He should stay with the Moose for the rest of this season to get more of a "feel" for the North American game. He's been here for what...three months? Recent pairings with Grabner & Rosa have been productive. He's also checking more which is good to see. I was at the first game in Abbotsford and yes, he did look bad defensively but it would be nice if his team mates could catch some of his passes, too!