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  1. [Report] Mike Gillis Fired

    Great decision and it couldn't have come any sooner. Mike gillis, being a former agent has made a lot of enemies in the NHL. It crippled us in the fact that a lot of GM's would not deal with him. He crippled us for the future by trading away future picks and prospects for players that never seemed to pan out. A lot of the signings he made that were great pick ups ( Garrison, Hamuis ) were players that were home town boys and a retarded monkey could have signed those players. The biggest trade he made that panned out was bringing in Chris Higgins and thats not saying much. He's shipped players out the likes of Schneider, Grabner, Hodgson and fired Alain Vigneault to save his job. Good ridence. The future is bright in Vancouver. Especially with the rumours of Linden taking the presidency.