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  1. ahahahahahahha ryan kesler and ryan burrows
  2. one punch is gonna end this fight... but i sure hope its not like rashad vs silva where rashad is gonna be dancing around the ring not doing anything But once rampage gets ahold of rashad it could easily be over But also if Rashad can accualy do somthing on the ground it could be ugly for rampage
  3. yea thats what i was thinking, ive seen this happen too many times and i think it kills a good fight when one guy is just leaning on the other and not doing anything
  4. Was anybody else pissed of that Rashad won like that. Sure i like both Rashad and Silva, Rashad won because he took silva down sat on him for a bit, did not do any real damage On the other hand silva rocked rashad but just culdent finish The fight ended: Guy who did more damage lost. Maybe some sort of new judging could help? Thoughts?