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  1. 1971 Nissan Skyline GT-R 2000
  2. I used to have to drive to and from Thompson and Winnipeg for work and pleasure. Gimli is about 45 minutes north of Winnipeg... Kinda like the same distance as Surrey to Abbotsford, more or less. Anyway, about the 2/3rds point from Winnipeg to Thompson, there's a gas stop called Ponton Service station. It's right where you turn off Hwy 6 heading north east to hit Thompson. The fish flies can get REALLY bad up there, I saw one summer a blanket about 3" deep of them just laying there dead.
  3. And that speaks directly to my previous post. It's perception vs reality, people enjoy being ignorant and having something to be upset with because it gives them validation and purpose. If you think about it in objective context, there's nothing "wrong" with this. What it comes down to are individual's moral objectivities, and its only morally objectionable because they were raised or taught that it was wrong, so they believe it is wrong. If people were more open minded about the fundamental reason as to why things are done, and less about their off the cuff reactions based on appearances, this world would be a whole lot more sane. Corporate sponsorships of kids sports teams at least implies that they care about giving back to the community which supports their existence. Why can't we focus on that, instead of:
  4. Is there honestly any difference between what Hooters girls wear and what cheerleaders wear? Why is it okay for cheerleaders to be present at non-adult participated sporting events?
  5. As the father of a young girl, I honestly believe the perceived objectification of women and their bodies that Hooters supposedly represents is just a tad overblown. If girls are raised properly to appreciate and love themselves for who they are, then no external influence can affect them. Especially those that are outside of their control. The world wide, or at least western perception of what beauty is, is beginning to change however slowly it may be. People just need to understand that as a business model, Hooters relies on their ambiance and food just as much as the particular aesthetic they've chosen to identify their brand with when it comes to who they hire for their waiting staff. I've been to Hooters plenty of times, and I actually quite enjoy the food, though it can be a bit chaotic and loud at times. It just seems like a lot of people are unfairly lumping Hooters into the same category as the Strip Club industry who's sole agenda is to sell the idea and concept of sex. I also strongly disagree with the concept of shielding your children for as long as you possibly can, it only does them a disservice. Raise them with proper morals and values, explain things to them when they ask and they will be able to make an informed decision for themselves. The world is what it is, and no amount of smothering, shielding or protecting will prevent them from being exposed to it. What's important is HOW they are exposed to it, and in what context. Everyone is free to raise their kids however they see fit, personally I was raised to tackle the world head on, not shy away from things that are deemed "taboo". My daughter will have the same opportunity to learn about the world, understand the risks and dangers associated with certain decisions and hopefully understand the ramifications of what can happen when questionable choices are made; that said true education comes from making mistakes and learning not to repeat them. Coming off my tangent, I have no problems with companies regardless of their business models or brand identification from sponsoring kids sports teams, it's up to the parents to raise their kids to be able to separate reality from perception, especially when it comes to the subject of self worth and self esteem.
  6. Wars are often won in the trenches. If your foot soldiers are of higher caliber, you likely win the fight. We will have one heck of a shutdown 2nd line with Sutter, Burrows and Hansen and a revitalized top line with the Sedins and Eriksson.
  7. Vey is pretty much T6 or bust, whereas Granlund seems better suited to bottom 6 duties. I've liked what I've seen in limited action with Granlund, and have seen enough of Vey to know that this is not a huge loss. Shinkaruk will also likely be a middle six tweener as well, a T6 or bust kind of situation. One in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  8. The ultimatum being: "Alex, we're committed to going in a younger direction as evidenced by our intention to not re-sign Hamhuis. At this point in time, we no longer see you as part of the future of this organization. We have the framework of a trade in place, but it requires your acceptance in waiving your no trade clause, please take some time to think it over." If Edler is staunch in his refusal to waive the no-trade clause as a means to acquire assets better suited to the movement, then it stands to reason he will never waive and we'll lose him for nothing come free agency anyway. Next best option is to move the contract off the books via expansion (Las Vegas would be crazy to pass up on taking Edler if he's available), and proceed to replace Edler via free agency, or if he's ready have Juolevi fill in the roster spot.
  9. Go big or go home. VAN Landeskog Barrie COL Edler Tanev Hansen 2017 1st round pick (Lottery protected) Give Edler an ultimatum. Waive to go to Colorado, or he gets exposed for expansion. Sign Barrie to a 5-6 mill AAV extension Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Landeskog - Sutter - Burrows Baertschi - Horvat - Virtanen Gaunce - Granlund - Dorsett Extras: Etem, Rodin Hutton - Gudbranson Sbisa - Barrie Tryamkin - Larsen Extras: Pedan, Biega If Rodin impresses in camp he replaces Burrows in the T6 who then get's traded as a cap dump to a team needing a good veteran/PK presence.
  10. Looking forward to Gudbranson vs Lucic. That's going to be pretty epic.
  11. This contract is going to be an absolute steal after this season or the next, which means the next contract after this is going to be massive.
  12. 6'1"
  13. Baertschi - Stamkos - Sutter Sedin - Sedin - Hansen Rodin - Horvat - Virtanen Gaunce - Granlund - Dorsett Etem If Rodin doesn't pan out, bump Gaunce up to play with Horvat and put Rodin in the press box. Buyout Burrows, Higgins already bought out. Baertschi has speed to match Stamkos, if you want an all speed line, then you swap Sutter with Hansen. Baertschi has the hands to be a playmaking winger, and with him dishing biscuits to Stamkos, I can see him potting 20g 40a easy. PP1: Sedin-Sedin-Stamkos Damn, that's sweet.
  14. I had to actually confirm that wasn't a fake twitter account. That is hilarious
  15. PK Subban averaged 0.49 and 0.44 ppg his first two seasons in the league. Jones projects to be the same kind of impact defenceman as Subban.