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  1. Ray Emery has passed away.

    Wow, incredibly tragic. Same age as I am, way too young.
  2. This guy always ripped it up in NHL 14, lol. Great cap hit too for a nice bridge contract. I wouldn't be surprised if he topped 70 points a season by the end of this deal.
  3. Car Mod Thread

    Haha nice. I'll throw a thread up once the truck is finished, I've got a decent condenser mic here too, can probably take some half way decent sound demos. I'll have limited tuning ability, since I'm just running the processing off the Alpine 9887 deck I picked up off craigslist for 40 bucks (tweaker must have needed a fix). Eventually I'll go outboard DSP and upgrade to a newer Alpine double din (Alpine fanboy if you didn't already guess, lol). Edit: I had a 1997 GTi VR6 with a $&!#ty 10" sub in a small sealed box. In the small hatchback that thing pounded on only 250w RMS. I miss that car, too bad I grenaded the engine by constant rev matching during downshifts lol.
  4. Car Mod Thread

    who? lol
  5. Re-Draft 2012 (Top 10)

  6. Car Mod Thread

    I've tuned SQ car stereos before, the subwoofers will only be playing from 60 Hz down to roughly 35-ish. My mid bass drivers will be 60 Hz - 200 Hz, mid range from 200 Hz to roughly 4 kHz, or whatever sounds best, and then the tweeters on up. I know rubber surrounds can be replaced, but for some drivers, those replacements are becoming very hard to come by. New subwoofers are better engineered with more robust voice coils depending on brand and model, and better cooling etc. Skar Audio does a phenomenal job with their woofers, and they are stupidly cheap. I picked up a cheap pair of 10's to test in the box before going with more expensive shallow mount, they also matched the power delivery closer. 225w RMS is what my amp is putting out per channel (2 channels), and the subs I got are 200 RMS but underrated. The T/S parameters of the woofers lend themselves pretty well to an SQ use, even if they are predominantly an SPL focused company.
  7. No one. Any team that trades their first are going to lottery protect it. And I think the Canucks will be much improved this season, forget about Jack Hughes, we already have the Hughes we need.
  8. Schedule makers colluding with the Canucks

    That and I'd rather have the bulk of our back half of the season at home. Regardless of facing opponents on their back to back nights or not.
  9. Car Mod Thread

  10. Car Mod Thread

    I'm in the process right now of stripping the entire interior of my truck in order to apply 100% coverage of sound deadening material. After that I'll be installing a fully active stereo. For now, I'll just be doing a 2-way front stage with 2 10" subs. After I save up a bit more, I'll be upgrading the subs to higher power 10's and upgrading the front stage to 3-way active and adding a dedicated mono block amp for the subs. Right now I'm running 2 5 channel amps, subs off the sub channels and front stage bridged off the 4 channels. All old school Alpine equipment, amps are from 1999-2000, head unit is from 2007, sub's are new because I don't trust deteriorated rubber surrounds on 20+ year old subwoofers. Front stage speakers are a 10 year old set of F1 3 way components, just wont be running the 5.25" drivers for now.
  11. [Signing] Jets re-sign Connor Hellebuyck

    Talk about full circle. Lehtonen was with that organization as the starting goaltender when they relocated from Atlanta to Winnipeg.
  12. Well for what it's worth the dripping stopped before I went out to take pictures, the disbursement of the water though suggests a lot of it. Probably just a coincidence that the coolant overflow level is low, I topped it up and will keep an eye on it. I've seen A/C condensation before, but never to such a massive extent. I must have been running the compressor pretty hard.
  13. Pulled into my garage this afternoon after a fairly lengthy 100 km or so round trip. Went back out a little bit later and noticed a giant pool of liquid underneath the passenger side. Took a look, couldn't see anything obviously leaking in the engine bay, so it's definitely coming from behind the firewall. Looking from underneath, it looks like the primary source is somewhere up above the frame rail and located behind the back edge of the tire. There's what looked like at the time a very small, steady flow of liquid moving back to front due to gravity, and then it's dripping to the floor. It's odorless and colorless, so my first assumption is it's water. Coolant overflow looked pretty empty, but the engine was still fairly warm, so any coolant in the engine hadn't yet cooled down and pushed its way into the overflow.. but there's no hint of antifreeze, leads me to suspect there's not much actual antifreeze in there (I just got the truck 3 months ago and haven't really driven it for 2 of those months. This never happened before, but then I never used the A/C on the truck until very recently. Today I had it cranked for the entire trip, so I dunno if it was the condenser defrosting as I know the housing freezes up and causes condensation to drip as it thaws, but this is a lot of water. I know the water pumps are on the front of the engine, and I don't see any evidence of anything coming out around the weeping hole. I'm gonna go back out and see if it's still dripping and take some photos. I'm suspecting that I may have a cracked or leaking coolant hose, which is bizarre because I just had the truck in the shop to perform the out of province inspection which is very rigorous and it passed. Anyone with knowledge of this platform, are there any common points of failure around the area I described?
  14. Romantic Love - fate or choice?

    Personally, I believe it's a choice. People have the uncanny ability to look for and see patterns in an otherwise chaotic existence. I believe that a lot of people fall under some level of confirmation bias when it comes to making sense or understanding of just how they came to meet their significant other. For some when two people have so much in common it seems like "fate" or whatever you want to call it, but that's just the mind distracting us from the fact that the one in a billion actually panned out. It's much easier to craft a narrative that has a romantic or fateful twist to it since it's openly received by others who hear that story vs the reality of what it is. Case in point when I met my wife, we had very much in common we enjoyed the same things. Eventually, over the course of our to date 5+ year relationship, her behaviors and quite likely mine as well have evolved and changed, to the point now where we don't have nearly as much in common. Over time I find that people do change, and for those who don't change (ie no character development or growth) simply stay as they are out of fear of change. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just an observation. When you get two people who both don't like change, it's sometimes easy to attribute it to fate, divine intervention etc, because it helps us make sense of the world. It's a lot harder and a lot more uncomfortable to go through traumatic shifts in behavior, routine, and existence than it is to not strive to grow as a person and learn from the uncomfortable mistakes. I wouldn't call myself a risk taker, but for so long as an individual I lived my life according to the values looked upon as favorable by others, and in doing so denied myself the experiences and opportunities to do the things I wanted to do for myself. When I came to that realization, and despite now being in a committed long term relationship I promised myself that I would no longer deny doing the things that make me happy. That's caused a bit of a rift between my wife and I because the things that bring me personal enjoyment often require the spending of money. For example some things that I enjoy doing for myself is working on and constantly tweaking my car stereo for the purpose of competitions. Seems like a petty, selfish and self serving thing, but it's what brings me personal satisfaction. It doesn't dominate my time, and outside of my rather demanding career I always strive to make time for our daughter, it's a major part of the decision to move our family out of BC so I could work fully remotely from home and not have to spend time commuting and being in an office away from my family. I think the important thing in life is to have balance, and co-dependency destroys any potential of having that balance of self and relationship. The single biggest thing I value in a relationship, is each person's ability to maintain their individuality, while working collectively to form a pairing in the things that require both people to be involved, ie child rearing. I am also exceedingly pragmatic and objective in just about everything, and it drives my wife nuts because she always focuses on specific in the moment things and doesn't grasp the larger context of things, so when we have a disagreement I'm always talking about things 2-3 steps ahead of where she is and constantly trying to put her point of view into context, and not keeping those views in isolation. So, yeah it's a choice. And IMO for those who believe it's fate, they are doing themselves a disservice by attributing one of the most fundamental relationships in their lives to mysticism and higher powers while disregarding any responsibility for self growth and awareness in the world around them. I'm not really speaking to anyone specific here in this thread, but its a commonality that I've encountered in my journey so far through life.