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  1. Or players could just not be douchebags and stop slashing each other. Honestly it's not like clean body checks resulting in injury (that's part of the game). But you can't call slashing a part of the game just because it's always been done. There's literally no point to slashing anyone else other than to give yourself an unfair advantage during a play. I say phase it out. 4 minute double minor for slashing, 5 and a game if it causes visible injury. Retroactive fine if a slash that's called for a penalty ends up in an unseen injury, like fracture or break. You'll see it phase out real quick.
  2. The deficiencies in his game were not just defensive. He played a big mans game, but didn't have the stature to back it up in the NHL, and that is still true today. He couldn't do the things he could in junior, he would get worked over in the corners and in general wasn't able to sustain possession. He's more of a one and done shift kind of player. Whereas Granlund isn't much bigger but he's a smarter player. He knows how to protect the puck to prolong possession, knows where to go to have a chance to score AND can score off the rush; on top of all that Granlund is much better defensively.
  3. It's actually 2 hours the other way. 11:20am PST
  4. Someone wanna remind the Canucks that we can't make the playoffs?
  5. The wrist joint is useless without the tendons and ligaments that allow the muscle to use that joint being in good, proper working order. It's still wrist related. In any event, it was sarcasm.
  6. I want to see a Markstrom/Bachman tandem next year
  7. Boeser, Granlund, Gudbranson, Sutter all with wrist injuries. It's the curse of Josh Holden!
  8. I wasn't really all that excited about Shinkaruk from the outset that he was drafted. He had flair, and was an excellent player in Junior. There was a lot of talk about why he slipped in the draft, if I in the past projected him into future line ups, it's because benefit of the doubt has to be given to all prospects that's how it works. I'm still big on Virtanen because he did the things in junior that Shinkaruk did, but he has the frame to be able to back that up at the NHL level. I was honestly way more hyped on Horvat seeing as he was drafted 9th overall and effectively traded for Schneider. I think most people were clamoring for Shea Theodore, Morgan Klimchuk or hoping one of Rychel or Mantha would fall to 24.
  9. At the time I recall Hunter being an average prospect with clear deficiencies in his game. During the yearly mini tournament the Canucks prospects take part in, Hunter really didn't impress me. Any of our other prospects had as much or more of a chance at being our best scoring prospect. Hunter was and probably still is a player who for the most part impressed in junior because he excelled at taking the game into his own hands, and performing great individual efforts. I think the love fest was due to the fact that for so long, we traded away our draft picks or used the ones we did have so poorly that even a marginal prospect like Shinkaruk got everyone excited, and when that was taken away the pitchforks came out. I still remember when everyone thought Jordan Schroeder was going to be our Patrick Kane, or Hodgson was our answer to the next elite center we needed. The 2011 team arose off the backs of the poor teams from 1997-2001, and we've had mediocre drafts since then until Benning got here. That's a nearly 13/14 year gap in talent development lost, so I guess what I'm saying in a roundabout way is I liked the trade even if I knew nothing about Granlund at the time which is true. But that doesn't matter because if Shinkaruk represented the best chance we had at a scoring prospect, then we should have traded him otherwise he would have walked into such massively unrealistic expectations.
  10. I'm genuinely shocked that this thread got any more than 100 pages to be honest. It didn't even matter if Granlund had the potential to prove what he's doing now at the time of the trade or not. HS was woefully underperforming, and it just didn't seem like he "had it". Personally I was glad at the time that Benning managed to even recover an asset for Shinkaruk. Now that Granlund has shown this year what he can do, and that he holds promise for even more? I'm thrilled.
  11. Maybe the fact that Megna got more ice time than Boucher, and Sutter got more ice time than Horvat?
  12. Fine, be a quitter. If in the off chance you see this, what makes more sense if "trying to protect young D and give best chance to be competitive against elite/difficult teams": 1. Rested Ryan Miller 2. Tired/Overplayed Ryan Miller Then tell me this, with Bachman having turned in a STELLAR performance against Anaheim very recently, keeping the Canucks IN the hunt for a wild card spot by helping steal 2 points out of Anaheim, does he not deserve another look against arguably far inferior teams in NYI and Dallas as compared to Anaheim? It seems to me that WD decided to start Miller against LA for an easier win, and Bachman against Anaheim in an attempt to set him up for failure guaranteeing he wouldn't have to risk playing him again (because he simply doesn't want to); except Bachman $&!# all over WD's cornflakes and turned in a stellar performance. WD has his guys, they are veterans. Anyone not a veteran has to "earn his trust" and "show me what he has" except he's NEVER puts these types of players into positions to succeed except when forced to. The bottom line is, the question from the media WAS legitimate and calls into question a very long list of questionable roster and player deployment decisions that frankly don't make sense regardless of how you look at it. Yes, Miller is "under used" when you look at his season stats, however in very RECENT history, he has been brutally over worked completely unnecessarily, especially when the entire context of what we're playing for for the rest of this season has changed. The point is WD doesn't want to concede for the sake of his pride. He wants to show that he can still get wins, but do you think that being insubordinate in the process is the key to the heart of future employers? It remains to be seen if the Dallas game was a one off or if WD continues to be onboard, we shall see but maybe WD knowing the writing is on the wall and he's going to be fired anyway might as well sabotage what he can, out of spite and pride.
  13. Not much of a chance of that happening: Just because I dislike WD for the things he does, the supposed reasons for why he does them, and just because I don't want him as our coach does not mean that: 1. I don't think he couldn't be a decent-good coach elsewhere on a different team, at a different stage than the Canucks are at 2. That I don't look at the full picture, and temper my expectation based on the reality of what could likely transpire I'm not a blind WD hater with a pitchfork ready to run him out of town. I'm a staunch disliker of him for the Canucks where they are because his approach is more wrong than right, and don't suspect that WD is likely to change his practices now since we've seen no indication of him willingly doing so, except for when openly and publicly mandated by his GM. If a coach is being forced to get on board with the direction of management, he just isn't a good fit despite how good he appears to be for the locker room. A disconnect between coaching and management suggests chaos, and players can sense that, as well as get intimate access to details that we could only ever hope to know. Players go through end year meetings with management, and this year it's likely that overall the review from the players would be good of WD, but I suspect that TL and JB aren't stupid and probably question some of the moves/decisions WD made and will want his explanation as to why. Ultimately, WD should be let go since I don't think TL especially can afford to have a 2nd consecutively failed season end, only to begin the next season with the same coach at the helm. Coaches have been fired for far less, however I expect TL to stand by his coach and give him the benefit of the doubt to see what he can do in the first 20 games after the necessary moves that JB makes during the off season. As for proving my point re: Miller, it also proves my point. That he is being overworked at a time of year in which it's completely unnecessary, despite his wishes. Let's be honest Bachman fully signed on knowing he was a depth option, but at this time of year when the bonafide backup is injured, the season is lost and the coach keeps riding the starting goaltender, wouldn't you be pissed and feel like you're not being given a fair shake? IIRC the ONLY reason Bachman played the game he did is because it was a back to back game on that California road trip. The whole point of this Miller BS was WD was DIRECTLY asked why Bachman hasn't seen more action, and EVERYTHING WD said suggested that he didn't in his opinion think he's good enough to give the team as equal of a chance to be "competitive" not necessarily win. This is evidenced by saying "If Markstrom wasn't hurt he'd probably be playing a few games" (light paraphrasing from memory). This can only be taken as, "Gee, well my backup is good enough but he's hurt. So, I guess I'm just gonna stick with my main guy Miller, I don't really know what I have in Bachman, I need to see more before I'm sure". Ergo, Bachman not good enough in the coaches eyes. That's a pretty $&!#ty thing to put out there publicly. Seems to me like WD has sour grapes.
  14. Miller has played fewer games than typically every other starter and the margin isn't really close with the exception of Mike Smith who has played one game more. 1 Cam Talbot 2016-17 EDM G 63 63 35 20 0 8 1851 1702 149 .920 2.39 3741:26 5 0 0 0 4 2 Frederik Andersen 2016-17 TOR G 57 57 28 15 0 13 1801 1652 149 .917 2.68 3333:59 4 0 1 1 16 3 Robin Lehner 2016-17 BUF G 51 50 19 22 0 8 1675 1542 133 .921 2.68 2982:32 2 0 1 1 6 4 Devan Dubnyk 2016-17 MIN G 56 54 36 16 0 3 1608 1495 113 .930 2.11 3220:08 5 0 0 0 10 5 Sergei Bobrovsky 2016-17 CBJ G 55 55 38 13 0 4 1591 1480 111 .930 2.06 3227:50 6 0 0 0 8 6 Cory Schneider 2016-17 NJD G 53 52 19 22 0 10 1547 1409 138 .911 2.72 3046:50 2 0 0 0 0 7 Carey Price 2016-17 MTL G 53 53 31 17 0 5 1545 1425 120 .922 2.27 3166:29 3 0 1 1 4 8 Mike Smith 2016-17 ARI G 47 47 18 20 0 8 1538 1404 134 .913 2.95 2724:34 3 0 0 0 14 9 Pekka Rinne 2016-17 NSH G 53 53 27 16 0 8 1533 1402 131 .915 2.54 3089:56 2 0 0 0 4 10 Cam Ward 2016-17 CAR G 54 54 23 20 0 10 1489 1346 143 .904 2.69 3190:50 2 0 1 1 6 11 Ryan Miller 2016-17 VAN G 46 46 17 22 0 6 1482 1356 126 .915 2.76 2741:42 3 0 1 1 22 Cam Talbot. 29 years old (7 years younger). Average Shot/Game: 29.4 Frederik Andersen. 27 years old (9 years younger). Average Shot/Game: 31.6 Robin Lehner. 27 years old (9 years younger). Average Shot/Game: 30.2 Devan Dybnyk. 30 years old (6 years younger). Average Shot/Game: 28.7 Sergei Bobrovsky. 28 years old (8 years younger). Average Shot/Game: 28.9 Cory Schneider. 30 years old (6 years younger). Average Shot/Game: 29.2 Carey Price. 29 years old (7 years younger). Average Shot/Game: 29.2 Mike Smith. 34 years old (2 years younger). Average Shot/Game: 32.7 Pekka Rinne. 34 years old (2 years younger). Average Shot/Game: 28.9 Cam Ward. 33 years old (3 years younger). Average Shot/Game: 27.6 Ryan Miller. 36 years old (baseline). Average Shot/Game: 32.2 Last five games played by Ryan Miller (5 games in 9 days). Dallas: 36 shots faced (4-2 Loss) Boston: 42 shots faced (6-3 Loss) Pittsburgh: 47 shots faced (3-0 Loss) NYI: 28 shots faced (4-3 loss OT) Montreal: 38 shots faced (2-1 loss OT) Last 5 game average: 38.2 Shots/Game So, not only does Miller have the 11th most shots against in the entire league among goaltenders (tied roughly for most average shots/game), he has done so in significantly fewer games (with exception to Smith). In the Top 10 of shots against, Miller is by far the oldest when compared to 70% of the top 10 goaltenders for shots faced by as few as 6 years older and as many as 9 years older. Miller is 0-5 in his last 5 games with a combined GAA of 3.40 and a SA% of 0.911 while facing an average of 6 more shots against per game vs his season average. Not exactly inspiring confidence is he? I don't know, I look at those numbers and think to myself "Gee, the GM has effectively conceded this season. Youth is the focus of the next several games. I know Bachman doesn't figure to be much of a part of the plans moving forward but is there really a need to ride Miller this hard? The season is lost, we're not in the hunt give the guy a rest. He is CLEARLY being overworked given his age despite how well he takes care of himself. In this short sample size of history Miller has however ostentatiously performed in 2 of those 5 games, Bachman should have played in at least the Dallas game, and probably the NYI game as well seeing as they figure to be lesser matchups vs Boston, Pittsburgh and Montreal." That was the ENTIRE context of the question posed to WD who didn't really think it was a factor, but then kinda said it maybe an indicator moments after missing the mark completely as to why Tryamkin's game has appeared off the past couple/few games he's played, alluding to the fact that it's a long season and insinuating that he still has issues with conditioning. WD just doesn't have a clue, how else are you supposed to interpret his comments? The other problem I have with unnecessarily riding Miller to the point of exhaustion, is with the rate that opposing teams crash the net with impunity, being tired and having only a slight delay in reaction time to either get plowed into or being missed completely could be the entire difference maker in a potential injury. Such an injury occurring so late in the season for a pending UFA typically means (if it's serious like an MCL or ACL injury, groin injury etc) and especially given his age as the body heals more slowly the following: 1. Longer rehab time 2. Shortened off season in order to get back to peak shape and work out for the upcoming season 3. Uncertainty of other GMs on the health of the goaltender leading to lack of interest during UFA season 4. Either being forced to accept far less than he's comfortable doing so, not being able to have a chance to sign where he wants, and potentially being out of a job to start the year. Putting that into context, then WD's decisions, and worse yet his rationale for those reasons is downright stupid, reckless and irresponsible. Especially when he dares to espouse about "protecting his guys". This is just the LATEST example, in a long line of idiotic decisions that while examined in hindsight has significant weight to the argument that he should have deferred to a more than viable option who as you say received a glowing review from the coach the 1 and only game he played this year thus far. Just another nail in the coffin as far as I'm concerned and more than enough reason to not have him back. There's far more of THIS than there are positives to outweigh to even possibly consider keeping him. Though, I fully expect TL and/or JB will keep him through the off season and have at minimum 20 games next season to see where the team stands under his guidance.