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  1. Here's a win-win. WD steps down as head coach at end of season, and assumes the role of Sports Psychologist (that is his major after all), and Canucks hire an established veteran coach with offensive tendencies (Crawford) moving forward to groom the next generation.
  2. Prime example as to why I said this... Late in the first, Canucks intercept the puck high in the zone and Goldobin is primed to break out and beat the lone defender; enroute to a breakaway. What does he do? Does he trust his offensive instincts and chip it past the defender and blow by him? Nope, he takes the "safe" play, looking for Sutter, puck gets gummed up and the play is dead. WD is coaching the offense out of Goldobin by putting him with Sutter and Skille and forcing him to be "defensively responsible". It took Ovie 10+ years to learn to play a defensive game. The reason the Caps haven't won or had a lot of success is because their team has been suspect in at least one aspect every single year, one offensive player with a less than lackluster defensive acumen was not the problem. Goldobin was traded for to bring offense to the club, defense will come as he gains experience and comfort. How do you get someone to feel comfortable? You give them the latitude to do what they know, and work on the deficiencies over time, not try to beat it into his skull from the outset so he never even thinks about going on offense for fear of not getting ice time.
  3. Should put Goldobin with Sedins instead of Skille and Sutter. Still got issues with WD. Terrible coach.
  4. He would only be able to sign a PTO with Utica if he was a free agent. Canucks hold his rights
  5. Or players could just not be douchebags and stop slashing each other. Honestly it's not like clean body checks resulting in injury (that's part of the game). But you can't call slashing a part of the game just because it's always been done. There's literally no point to slashing anyone else other than to give yourself an unfair advantage during a play. I say phase it out. 4 minute double minor for slashing, 5 and a game if it causes visible injury. Retroactive fine if a slash that's called for a penalty ends up in an unseen injury, like fracture or break. You'll see it phase out real quick.
  6. The deficiencies in his game were not just defensive. He played a big mans game, but didn't have the stature to back it up in the NHL, and that is still true today. He couldn't do the things he could in junior, he would get worked over in the corners and in general wasn't able to sustain possession. He's more of a one and done shift kind of player. Whereas Granlund isn't much bigger but he's a smarter player. He knows how to protect the puck to prolong possession, knows where to go to have a chance to score AND can score off the rush; on top of all that Granlund is much better defensively.
  7. It's actually 2 hours the other way. 11:20am PST
  8. Someone wanna remind the Canucks that we can't make the playoffs?
  9. The wrist joint is useless without the tendons and ligaments that allow the muscle to use that joint being in good, proper working order. It's still wrist related. In any event, it was sarcasm.
  10. I want to see a Markstrom/Bachman tandem next year
  11. Boeser, Granlund, Gudbranson, Sutter all with wrist injuries. It's the curse of Josh Holden!
  12. I wasn't really all that excited about Shinkaruk from the outset that he was drafted. He had flair, and was an excellent player in Junior. There was a lot of talk about why he slipped in the draft, if I in the past projected him into future line ups, it's because benefit of the doubt has to be given to all prospects that's how it works. I'm still big on Virtanen because he did the things in junior that Shinkaruk did, but he has the frame to be able to back that up at the NHL level. I was honestly way more hyped on Horvat seeing as he was drafted 9th overall and effectively traded for Schneider. I think most people were clamoring for Shea Theodore, Morgan Klimchuk or hoping one of Rychel or Mantha would fall to 24.
  13. At the time I recall Hunter being an average prospect with clear deficiencies in his game. During the yearly mini tournament the Canucks prospects take part in, Hunter really didn't impress me. Any of our other prospects had as much or more of a chance at being our best scoring prospect. Hunter was and probably still is a player who for the most part impressed in junior because he excelled at taking the game into his own hands, and performing great individual efforts. I think the love fest was due to the fact that for so long, we traded away our draft picks or used the ones we did have so poorly that even a marginal prospect like Shinkaruk got everyone excited, and when that was taken away the pitchforks came out. I still remember when everyone thought Jordan Schroeder was going to be our Patrick Kane, or Hodgson was our answer to the next elite center we needed. The 2011 team arose off the backs of the poor teams from 1997-2001, and we've had mediocre drafts since then until Benning got here. That's a nearly 13/14 year gap in talent development lost, so I guess what I'm saying in a roundabout way is I liked the trade even if I knew nothing about Granlund at the time which is true. But that doesn't matter because if Shinkaruk represented the best chance we had at a scoring prospect, then we should have traded him otherwise he would have walked into such massively unrealistic expectations.
  14. I'm genuinely shocked that this thread got any more than 100 pages to be honest. It didn't even matter if Granlund had the potential to prove what he's doing now at the time of the trade or not. HS was woefully underperforming, and it just didn't seem like he "had it". Personally I was glad at the time that Benning managed to even recover an asset for Shinkaruk. Now that Granlund has shown this year what he can do, and that he holds promise for even more? I'm thrilled.