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  1. sedin sedin burrows vrbara sutter baerschi prust horvat dorsett kenins vey hansen were paying dorsett and prust like third liners we might aswell play them there horvat needs to play with some low skill grinders so he can learn to be the main guy on a line vey needs kenins and hansen to make him better burrows on top line for defensive presense higgins not on team because he is overwhelmingly underwhelming
  2. Sedin sedin burrow Vrbata sutter baerschi Prust horvat dorsett Hansen vey kenins
  3. I think shinkaruk needs maybe a third of a season in the AHL before he is a permanent guy on this team. He should replace higgins. McCann I would give a year in the AHL.
  4. Lou was solid but he choked in game 6 in the first period. He let in 3 weak goals in one period and we lost 5-2. Game 6 was where we were supposed to win. I would guess Lapierre would habe scored in OT.
  5. The main thing was us getting ripped off for kassian and trading him when his value was at an all time low when it was garunteed to go up by the end of this season. He was lighting it up before he got injured and he deserved one more year to finally show us what he had. If we were still talking about his "potential" next year I would have been the first to say trade him but we pretty much let him go at the moment that we would get the least back for him for no reason.
  6. I can't belive I heard someone in another thread say that the sedins were planning to retire after their contracts expire. I genuinely think that the sedins can be effective into their 40s. They have the type of game that doesn't diminish with age. I want them to keep playing until atleast 41 years old.
  7. This only way this trade is justified is if kassian is a massive coke head and has back problems
  8. And to all of you idiots saying this makes room for virtanen, as if they can't be on the team at the same time lol
  9. Oh my God, I want to say every swear word in the book right now, this is is one of the biggest boneheaded moves I've ever seen im my entire life. Horrible trade. I'm not even gonna be much of a canucks fan now this year.
  10. I hope they don't retire any time soon, they can be effective into their 40's
  11. Rebuild isn't another word for sucking for 5 years. We are already in the process of a rebuild. I admit I was not happy with the lack trade though. I don't think our team needs to acquire prospects or players though, I think what this team really needs to do is cut the fat and get rid of the dead weight on this team (higgins Macmillan edler etc.)
  12. The first poster doesn't know what he is talking about. The sedins are evergreens, there gonna be good players until they are atleast 41 years old. The sedins have a game that doesn't dimish with age because they don't rely on athleticism or strength like a lindros or ovechkin. Even if we get a new top line we should never get rid of the sedins as long as they work their magic. Right now the sedins are checked by the other teams best defensive lineups and if we get a new top line the sedins are gona go to town on the other teams weaker defensive pairs. I do agree that we need to cut the fat on this team tho and get rid of Higgins Bieksa weber Macmillan etc.
  13. also we should get a new powerplay coach.
  14. Im not talking about being a team with no skill that just throws a bunch of hits (leafs, bruins) and im not saying that our entire team culture should shift away from being skilled to being physical. im just saying that changes in momentum of a series can be usually be traced back to changes in which team was being more physical. The best game we played against calgary was game 2 and in that game we took the physicallity to them rather than letting pests like ferland bring the physicallity to us.
  15. in my opinion playoffs come down to physicality and who can throw the body for 60min and outmuscle their opponent. i think buff and schenn would help us do this. also bufuglyn might be the most versitale player in the league. he can literally play forward, defense, powerplay and PK. I know Eberle has never been put to the test of NHL playoffs but I remember him scoring some big goals in WJC which counts as something.