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  1. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Agreed. I'd say something between Laich and Pyatt, though he has some notable skills that those two don't quite have (hard accurate shot from far out and a heady sense for plays that let's him make passes in spite of poor puck handling). Don't see ROR at all. Dubinsky isn't close (he skates more and plays harder).
  2. Jannik Hansen

    Yea you're obviously biased as hell.
  3. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    If that was the first time you saw him backcheck, then you haven't watched him.
  4. Bo Horvat Talk

    His flaws are obvious if you watch anything more than his drives to the net. He is a very poor passer. He doesn't anticipate passes, he is inaccurate and he throws the puck hard so it is difficult for his teammate to control. He even entirely misses obvious passing opportunities. He has a lot of David Booth drive no matter what in him and it detracts from other elements of his game. I really question how his game will come together because it is far from complete. I would agree with Pierre that he is going to need a center to spoon-feed him one on one opportunities on the rush and I would add that he hasn't shown hints of any skills beyond that. As for Bo, any 3rd line C projection is bunk. He may play that to start off but the guy has top line talent. He scores NHL style goals and isn't bothered by contact in the least. He is extremely intelligent on the ice, both offensively and defensively. There is a variety to his offensive decisions that shows a high level of creativity. He is constantly anticipating the play. You shouldn't be comparing prospects statistically, but if you need one thing to separate Horvat from Gaunce it is the fluidity with which he moves from one play to the next. He plays faster than almost everyone on the ice and that isn't talking about his skating speed.
  5. Bo Horvat Talk

    Better vision and puckhandling. Very good passing and decision making. A more dynamic offensive player. Excellent around the net. More fluid skater.
  6. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    For real. If that's poor skating then I hope all of our prospects get pegged for poor skating. Strong strides too and it looks like he uses a defensemen stick almost.
  7. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    I think he really needs to learn how to exert creative control over the game offensively. That is far easier to develop in an environment where you are the best player. Its always going to be about his skills overcoming his size disadvantage for him. You've got to be willing to give that type of prospect extra time because they need greater skill development. I was skeptical before this year but now I'm cautiously optimistic as he's shown a few flashes of brilliance. The drive to the middle of 4 defenders and subsequent pass to Weise for the goal comes to mind. It wasn't great because of the drive or the pass (though the pass was sensational and he's made a few like it). What is important about that play was that he knew what he was doing the whole time. He worked his way into a dangerous position and baited the D to cheat up on him with his eye discipline (looked off Weise like a QB). Once the D did what he caused it to do he pounced on the passing opportunity. That is controlling the play. That is what makes the Sedins elite. That is what Schroeder needs more of in order to make his physical deficiencies worthwhile. It will take time, but he's shown the potential and is still trending upwards even now. What I hope he can pick up from Roy is how he deceptively varies his speed on the rush. It really gives the puck carrier more control over creating passing lanes and dictating defender reactions.
  8. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I'm a little late, but I was at the Sharks game where Jensen played with the Sedins... a few observations: He was actually pretty good playing the possession side of the Sedin's style - made a couple nifty touch passes around the boards that clearly put the defense a step behind the play and made room for the Sedins (who were invisible aside from a couple weak cycles controlling the puck in the Ozone). The issue I saw for this style was that he failed to identify opportunities to enter the slot coming off the boards and this led to him and the Sedins keeping possession down low but remaining entirely nonthreatening. His one wrap-around opportunity seemed to come out of a recognition that pucks weren't getting on the net from the cycle - it was the sort of obvious low-percentage chance that you figure you've got to try when you haven't been able to get clean looks. As someone else stated, the down low cycle game does not fit his play-style. I think he would look like a whole different player playing in Raymond's spot with Kassian and Kesler. His skating is clearly top notch. He has a strong stride and is very fast for his size but what stands out is how he controls his speed to maintain positioning. He's clearly capable of playing at different gears. Defensively his back-checking stood out in a really good way that I haven't seen anyone else really mention. He had a clean takeaway reading the pass and jumping the Shark's receiver at our defensive blueline. He smoothly transitioned that takeaway up the ice. This was an extremely impressive play to me, not just because of what he did, but how he did it. It was the kind of takeaway and turn up ice that you see a guy like Hossa or Datsyuk make. Outside of that it was a very quiet game for the top line. Jensen and the Sedins did not look comfortable playing with each other for the most part. That could change in the future as Jensen adjusts to the cycle on NA ice and starts picking up on where the soft spots are in the slot against various defenses(he certainly showed the aptitude to understand the puck-possession of the cycle), but he has shown top level skill off the rush in the past and that will be a much quicker way to bring his offensive skills to bear. I also think he is a better player in a faster paced game (the kind Kesler creates) as he is capable of playing in control with and against speed.