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  1. And merchandise
  2. I mean a level of intrigue does exist, I won't lie.
  3. I don't know if I want to see the logo for that
  4. Isn't that ironic.
  5. Well if that's the only thing you believe defines you as Canadian then is it really me who is uncanadian? Plus you have a funny way of showing that your a fan. Just my opinion I guess.
  6. Hey, passion for the team is great but really you act like whatever happens affects your life directly... Really now come on, no one is making you pay to watch the games or buy their merchandise (at least I hope not, and if there is I think I'd really evaluate who I associate with) so I'm not exactly too sure why you're so bothered. Go out side once in a while! It's a big world with other things than hockey in it!
  7. and I totally get that. I was just reiterating how I interpret CDCs youth obsession
  8. I think what the issue is for most of CDC is that when the vets aren't doing much they are still rewarded with ice time, yet when the younger ones create chances, energy, draw pentalties, or hits they seem to get benched in favour of the vets that appear to be lacking those attributes. That's at least how I interpret it.
  9. It's not cheating if you don't get caught
  10. http://www.50in07clothing.com/the-story/
  11. Cmon man, Kassians skill wasn't in question when he was shipped, it was his work ethic, consistency and locker room presence. Stop reaching for these little jabs at Benning, or atleast understand the bigger picture first.
  12. Is it possible to suggest that the proposed rebuild plan Gillis put forth just didn't make sense in any manner? and thats why it was scrapped. Just a thought.
  13. I'm thinking Arby's
  14. Agreed. I certainly feel confident heading into this.
  15. "It's about enjoying the moment. It's pretty cool to get that many people together and that excited about hockey to the point they really want you to mess up. They've got a ton of red jerseys and you have to sit back and appreciate people love hockey that much and you are the one out there who gets to play the game. Just try and stick with that respect for the game and also the mentality that for me it's just about entering the fight and seeing how long I can stay in it." — Canucks goaltender Ryan Miller on what he expects from the fans in Calgary for Game 6 Really like this quote from Miller! Now lets win this fight!@!2111!!