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  1. literally leaving for tokyo tonight so excited!
  2. well he got him for free and didn't need to use a draft pick on him...
  3. There must also be a reason those hockey minds analyze and don't GM. The ones that did hold positions as GM, well look at their track records.
  4. I'm kind of indifferent to it really. Its hard to be upset with free 'Prospects' especially ones that have history with current players on our team, but as others have made apparent there isn't really much space to just slot him in over others who've earned their chances. Kind of a good problem to have.
  5. Someone wrote earlier in this thread we are at 6th, however with Arizona at max contracts essentially we would be 5th.
  6. no man it worked on nhl 17 and thats basically real life
  7. Russell Westbrook the real MVP :wub:

  8. And merchandise
  9. I mean a level of intrigue does exist, I won't lie.
  10. I don't know if I want to see the logo for that
  11. Isn't that ironic.
  12. Well if that's the only thing you believe defines you as Canadian then is it really me who is uncanadian? Plus you have a funny way of showing that your a fan. Just my opinion I guess.
  13. Hey, passion for the team is great but really you act like whatever happens affects your life directly... Really now come on, no one is making you pay to watch the games or buy their merchandise (at least I hope not, and if there is I think I'd really evaluate who I associate with) so I'm not exactly too sure why you're so bothered. Go out side once in a while! It's a big world with other things than hockey in it!
  14. and I totally get that. I was just reiterating how I interpret CDCs youth obsession