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  1. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    Ain't it the truth. Friend of mine played in the frozen 4 and the ECHL. Dummies me.
  2. [Signing] Capitals re-sign Madison Bowey

    Classic show me what you got contract.
  3. BFHL 2018/19

    Sven andrighetto @Tylez
  4. Quinn Hughes | D

    Lmao I've wondered this from time to time. I try to keep in shape in case they stroll in on my ball hockey team one day.
  5. Quinn Hughes | D

    I see.
  6. Quinn Hughes | D

    Says who?
  7. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    Who are the 11 or 12 that are ahead of goldobin?
  8. BFHL 2018/19

    Nice pick sir
  9. BFHL 2018/19

    Travis sanheim @Scottish⑦Canuck
  10. BFHL 2018/19

    Nikita zadorov @Tylez
  11. [Signing] Predators re-sign Ryan Hartman

    Woah. I see him as already worth about 3x that.
  12. Jett Woo | D

    My bad sir. Admittedly I had not read you're discussion. Just your post.
  13. Jett Woo | D

    Personally I give Lind a little more leeway right now especially over jasek. Let's not forget jasek is over a year older with a year of pro hockey under his belt. I would think his transition would be easier. Don't get me wrong I'm pleasantly surprised with his utica stint but I am in no way concerned about linds 6 games there. They weren't great but it seems that he knows that considering he publicly stated his plan to be better.
  14. Quinn Hughes | D

    McCann had earned a spot. Plain and simple. He scored 5 in his first 9 games. Henning has always been adamant that if a rookie forces his hand he will be on the team. McCann forced his hand.
  15. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    Both are exempt