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  1. You like live for this thread eh
  2. Idk. The beer cart girl is a popular place too lol.
  3. I feel you man. It upsets me when people are quick to say "close this and close that" when it doesn't effect them. Someone quoted my last post saying they're a firm believer that everyone should be staying home with their own kids. Again that sounds fine and dandy until they aren't treated by my wife the nurse, they cant eat because your wife didnt go to work for the food company, they couldn't fix their roof because you stayed hom from logging and they didnt get a fat stay at home cheque because the government didnt make tax .oney on the alchohol I move all day. I hope they stay open there in some degree for families like yours and mine bud. Stay strong man.
  4. Speak for yourself. I'm in ontario and daycares are closed. My wife is a nurse and I work in the alchohol industry. Things are tough right now having a little one. I'd pay double to have daycares open let alone free. Daycare is more essential than tim hortons and Canadian tire in my eyes.
  5. Here's the thing. These are recommendations not law. If it's more convenient to shop with my wife... guess what, its happening. I get that everyone is in this together but you also have to remember that this can go on for a long time. Maybe longer than what they're predicting. We still have to live. I also have a story. I'm walmart earlier this week (by myself). I'm Halfway down an aisle clearly marked with directional arrows and enter/exit marked at the end. A man over 60 looks down at the "exit" at the end of the aisle, looks down at the arrow pointed towards him, looks at me, then continues to head towards me. But hes old he can claim ignorance right... right. Fought in nam but cant understand an arrow. Punchline to my story is people are going to do what makes them feel safe. Some follow all the rules. Some follow none. Most are somewhere in between. If you cant handle that maybe do the curbside pickup. Just the way the world is right now.
  6. 73 Percent

    NFL thread

    More due to the fact that many are not working, and theres legit no other sport related event to watch, than the entertainment of a live draft though.
  7. I know right... That bitch Carole baskin
  8. Hes a king. Not a guy. Tiger king.
  9. Prime rib for this guy And alchohol. Mass amounts of alchohol. I'm on shutdown for a week and I work in the booze industry. You math it out.
  10. Typically nhl ahl tweener stuff. Remember how good biega looked for his first 10 after every call up.
  11. Eh I wouldn't say that. Guy at work spent a solid 4 hours trying to convince me there's no virus. this is all caused by radiation from 5G network.
  12. Vote burr nominate tanman
  13. Voting burrows Nominate tanman
  14. Voted ohlund Nominate tanman