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  1. Demko may not be top 3 in that list currently but he has the potential to be top of a more exclusive list if he pans out. I haven't seen an excessive amount of panic but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't in the back of my mind. I like this team and I like alot of our prospects including Demko. While it's not a sure thing seattle takes him there is a good chance. Hes young with a boat load of potential and I dont know who else they would take if Jim didnt swing a deal. Maybe Olli? I'd like to see jim send seattle a draft pick to take someone like ferland or beagle.
  2. 2 kinds of people in this world Victor Hedmans And Not Victor Hedmans
  3. Going around making friends I see. Day 2...
  4. Wrong. The sharks traded for burns almost 2 yrs after trading hoff.
  5. You're so abrasive sometimes lol.
  6. Too many good options. I chose virt. He's been through alot and is one of the veterans on the team now and most of all he's acting like it. Feels like a member of the family at this point. Proud of him. Also nominate tanevs health for biggest surprise.
  7. Another Great Game I'm shotgunning for that assist.
  8. Petey is no poster child in our end either. He tries but alot of times is just flopping desperation.
  9. Schaller. Forgot about him. He can hit the road too.