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  1. Yeah looking at the replay i woukd have liked to see a 4 min 5 on 3 instead.
  2. Man... alex newhook looks like the real deal.
  3. Other than rinne, the oldest member of their core is 29 (turris/subban). Rinne will be replaced by saros. Granlund Forseberg Johanssen Arvidsson Are all 26 and under. They still have many years left before a "blow up".
  4. You guys are looking at this all wrong. Those cap numbers are for the end of this season. At the beginning of the off seasonwe could have as much as 27.1m in free space (30.6 if the cap raises to 83m). Of course we will need to sign some of our own guys like boeser and possibly edler. But that 8.4 number means absolutly nothing
  5. No way I'd do this. We might get a better player than zadina in thus years draft and who knows if byram will even be as good as Hughes is now.
  6. I learned my lesson after benning picked boeser over my guy (konecny). I was nit happy and said some harsh words.
  7. THIS I feel like when some people mention BPA they assume there is some fool proof master list that every GM recieves upon arrival at the draft. Personally when I talk about BPA I'm referring to Benning's list of best player available that he and our scouts have created. Not button. Not ISS.
  8. @avelanch Gumball Havent seen those guys around in forever.
  9. Im sure it is, especially when its tagged in the photo lol. I thought you were just pointing out the obvious.
  10. I'd be okay with it if this was a regular season, with normal amount of episodes, and had been released on time. But instead they shorten the season, and wait 2 years to release it. With that much time and resources available to make 6 quality episodes, I expect just that. I signed up for action/adventure not romance/love triangle.
  11. You mean like this - The NHL is the dream of every hockeyplayer Thats a direct quote from him earlier this year. We cant dismiss every Russian because a few of them have chosen to play in the khl. Keep in mind the majority of those who chose were below average anyway either overall or at time in their careers. IF he is too risky to spend a high draft pick on so be it. Thats for benning and other GMs to decide, not some 70 yr old man parked in front of an IBM monitor claiming to be an alien.
  12. Wonder whay "pull" means when correctly translated.
  13. I've still yet to see a "meh" or any proof hes not interested in the nhl. All I see is loyalty in his decision to fulfill his khl contract. Also I assume most pro athletes stay away from media, especially during big tournaments and playoffs. Would it be better if he told the reporter to &^@# off like Blake wheeler did?