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  1. Podkolzin is our future rw 2. They can look elsewhere. We do have jack rathbone and Brogan Rafferty not far off.
  2. Even the pearson part. I love that stuff. That type of razzing is right up my ally. Makes me think they're a tight group.
  3. Throwing more assets at something doesn't necessarily fix the problem either though.
  4. Honestly we got to the playoffs without him. And we won our QR without him. I see no reason to resign him with pod waiting in the wings.
  5. Bo gets alot of flack since being named captain. Nice to see him shush the haters. Gcg
  6. Still shows blank on hockey DB bruh
  7. I heard different. I heard that many teams offered him 2 and 3 years. We're the only one that offered him 4.
  8. For real though... what am I going to talk about at xmas.
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