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  1. I don't think he left because he couldn't accept someone younger than him earned a GM role first. Divas and hunter were hired like 3 months apart. They both but their time in and had a hand in the leafs successful rebuild. Age aside the leafs felt Dubas was the route to go. Mark Hunter has 2 options from here. Hope someone feels he's fit to run their hockey team or sit and rot behind Dubas because he's so young. I see no problem inwhat the leafs or hunter did. I doubt hunter wants to remain a bridesmaid for the test of his nhl management career.
  2. BFHL 2018/19

    What happened to casual league lol.
  3. BFHL 2018/19

    I can't believe wheeler did what he did this season. I don't think he can do it again imo.
  4. BFHL 2018/19

    I feel like I already reached for guys...
  5. BFHL 2018/19

    Columbus selects Seth Jones. @Scottish⑦Canuck
  6. BFHL 2018/19

    Happy to select for the Columbus blue jackets Auston matthews @Tylez
  7. Rasmussen is a good one. I dont think NJD fit the bill as prominent.
  8. No one has mentioned that marek stated that he was a high pick. Now one could argue that ever one drafted in the first round is a high pick, but I think he means that he was a high pick within the first round. He backs up this theory by saying "I’m probably saying too much right there" Why would he say that when its already been mentioned multiple times that the suspect was a first round pick. Once even in the title. In thinking that means a high pick within the first round I would say that it has to be top 15 overall. That would rule out Logan stanley Max Jones Rubtsov
  9. Yeah I don't know why someone commented that it was funny. It's no win scenario for everyone involved including the fans.
  10. BFHL 2018/19

    Please do.
  11. BFHL 2018/19

    Okay that's fair. I just don't want to be barked at for taking my time if need be. Seeing that tavares and Carlson are UFAs thus season it cold alter the way one picks if there was a time limit.
  12. BFHL 2018/19

    Is there a time limit on the draft right now? I honestly think it's still drafting a fantasy team 5 months in advance.
  13. BFHL 2018/19

    14 for me @Scottish⑦Canuck
  14. I want to see some extra discipline on stralman. Targeting the head there imo.