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  1. Stats on the DBL website dont work. Sucks.
  2. Thanks alot man. It does help knowing that someone had a good experience. I never wentto daycare so I dont know. He obviously cant tell us because hes 9 months lol. I think thats part of the reason its so hard.
  3. Personally I dont think the 2 names should ever be mentioned in the same scentence.
  4. A homeless mans scott Niedermayer maybe lol
  5. Im a fan of the 2D pp style Pettersson horvat boeser Hughes edler Ferland Miller pearson/bear/virtanen Myers stetcher
  6. I dont buy into the negative image if loui is sent down. Players still sign with the leafs after marleau robida lupul Players still sign with Anaheim after luke schenn Players still sign with buffalo after berglund debacle Players still sign with the kings after &^@#ing over mike richards As of right now he looks like the worst forward on the 23 man roster. If he gets outplayed by another he should be sent down. Thats the way the cookie crumbles. He's got no one to blame but himself.
  7. He's speaking of Lind i believe.
  8. Does anyone have stats from the first week of DBL?
  9. Find your own member to argue with bub. Lol
  10. Would be nice to dump loui and grab Honka (other pieces involved obviously). But we have a full blueline right now.
  11. My 9 month son starts daycare on Monday. I've been on parental leave since he was born in lieu of my wife (who works in the usa, only 6 weeks leave). I miss him so much and he's not even gone. Kinda having an anxiety attack right now. I guess this isn't really a confession. Just looking for someone to talk to.