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  1. He's been able to put those numbers up forever though. He isn't progressing. If he wants to sign an ahl contract that's fine but I don't see a reason for him to take up one of our 50. He's an ahler. Lots of them out there. If he used his size I would be singing a different tune.
  2. If you say so.
  3. Our forward depth is weaker than our D depth. That can't be argued. Benning obviously seen this coming hence not trading tanev. They took a bottom player from the bottom team in the league. Not a big loss. I did like a boss though.
  4. Yeah but we already have the up and comers on D to replace sbisa
  5. An an excuse to play OJ
  6. I've been through flint. I don't even stop for red lights man.
  7. Do you have a cdc diary or something?
  8. Can I see your badge?
  9. Flint has an airport?
  10. Just trying to let you know how you sound. I don't actually believe this
  11. Glass will be a 100pt player in his prime. Mark my words.
  12. He's my first choice after Patrick and heischier
  13. Why though. Nashville was barely in that series lol.
  14. I honestly just think tsn has nothing else to talk about. How has it changed? The combine and memorial cup were wrapped up what 2 weeks ago? How has makar risen since then? Is he better at nhl 17? Does be brush his teeth differently? Made a charitable donation?