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  1. Kid Rock was never cool
  2. Yeah i figured. Who knows what's right lol.
  3. Hockey db has him listed as a forward
  4. Alf can be botchford
  5. Why stop there. I'm sure we have some Internet doctors and Lawyers in the house too! Just for fun If CDC was a team who would make up our coaching staff?
  6. That's one angry pony...
  7. Seems like such an odd height to weight ratio 6'1" 168lbs...
  8. Everything that's wrong in the world is WD'S fault and everything can be fixed with horvats skating coach. That's what I get from cdc lately.
  9. I don't know much about necas. Care to give me the rundown?
  10. That was my exact point with my original comment.
  11. It's cool man. You dont share the same suspicion as I. No big deal.
  12. Sounds like a hippie name to me. Starchild http://www.hipplanet.com/books/atoz/names.htm I rest my case
  13. Definitely. But you don't think it's even a little suspicious since the benning interview on March 15th almost every single young players ice time has went up and the sedins have declined? That graphic earlier this period touched on it.