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  1. Just to add to this. Check out Pattersons playoff stats. Off the charts.
  2. Oh yeah. Buddy lost all credablilty there. Might as well put him on ignore lol.
  3. should have won memorial cup mvp over strome. Met him once. Super cool hard working kid.
  4. I've seen him live once against the spits. He killed them lol. He reminded me of saad. God damn man child.
  5. Nope. You get it back. Lmao
  6. Oooooooh. Apologies. I'll save my 1 downvote for some other lucky poster. Thanks saber.
  7. Odds are he goes a little off the board and people lose their minds. Again.
  8. I don't understand what I have to do with this lol. I quoted qwags.
  9. Not Vancouver. You guys are a bunch of babies.
  10. I wouldn't be against it.
  11. One has to think JB is looking for a tryamkin replacement in hague
  12. It's all bennings fault all the time. Reasom virt hasnt panned out so far. Reason we're last. Reason we fell from 2 to 5. Reason my dog died a couple years ago. Reason it's raining today. Reason my private parts are below average size.
  13. Yeah people have to understand we are a large fan base and there are going to be unhappy fans no matter what.
  14. Yeah I bet you both benning an I have seen more of vilardi than you have. What makes you so qualified. How do we know that you wanted nylander and tkachuk? How do we know that tkachuk will turn out better than OJ?
  15. Just accept the fact that he knows more than us