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  1. Just the flavor of the week on cdc at the time.
  2. Skating is huge in today's nhl.
  3. Agreed. It just seems way more work if you're doing it all yourself. You feel like you're working your balls of for nothing. No impact.
  4. Without mcdavid the oilers aren't even in the playoffs.
  5. Just a silver lining.
  6. Remember when we were a good nhl team but the coilers would destroy us in the YST. Not anymore baby lol.
  7. First call up in Utica imo.
  8. He'll have a much harder time transitioning to the NFL because of his size. Meanwhile lind is average and Gadjovic looks like he digs trenches in high altitude and shaved using only his field knife.
  9. I would say Gadjovic and lind would be more nhl ready than palmu imo
  10. No dahlen no goldobin... I feel like you just don't even know half our prospects.
  11. Maybe. Maybe not.
  12. Let me rephrase that lol. He's signed his elc with us in April. He's likely to play with the canucks or comets. However he does have an ahl out clause if he wishes to use it. It's pointless trying to guess where he's going to play now. He could be in any of the 4 leagues.
  13. Didn't dahlen sign a contract with us?