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  1. Did he say this in the radio interview or is this one of your patented JR facts?
  2. Doesn't dahlen have an AHL out clause...
  3. I'd play against anyone on here. We're all Canuck fans. We all have zero luck.
  4. I just analyzed this year's performance of the players another poster mentioned.
  5. 1.NJD 2.COL 3.LVGK 4.VAN 5.ARI On a side note 1st try today.
  6. You're missing the larger picture. Gaudreau is the smaller picture. Lol
  7. Dude. If he's scores 1 goal, ONE GOAL Calgary wither wins a game or brings a game to overtime. ONE GOAL. he couldn't muster up 1 goal. I don't understand how you don't point a finger at your number 1 forward when he doesn't score in a playoff series. I doubt he alone could have brought the series from a sweep to a win but he definitely brings them into contention if he scores 2 goals rather than 0. Don't forget. Virtually every game was a 1 goal game (empty netter game 4).
  8. You contradict yourself in the very first sentence of this post. Gaudreau is calgarys best player hands down. He needs to do more than 2 assists in 4 games for the flames to do better. They did nothing because he did nothing. Kane didn't do anything in his series either. However kane gets a pass because of what he's done. No one can question him he's top 5 player in the NHL hands down. Also to note he's by far the biggest player of this group at 6' 180.
  9. Yeah. Now it's just a bad proposal. It was a bad proposal with wrong information before.
  10. Still not a "1st OA"
  11. Montreal doesn't have a "1st OA"
  12. The players you listed are the exception not the rule. Also how are those players and their respective teams doing in the playoffs? Gaudreau 2 assists. Flames golfing Johnson 45 pts. Tampa didn't make the show. Arvidsson 4 pts in 5 games. Doing quite well. Marner 4 pts in 6 games. Got rag dolled a couple times. Kane 2 pts in 4 games. Large reason why the Hawks are golfing. Marchasseult 51 pts 75 games -21. Florida is golfing. And isn't it funny how you drag the best 6 small hockey players in the world into this debate, all the while the biggest of the guys you listed is the best... Someone will take a chance on him you're right. A GM would be stupid not to. But not until late first round I think. You're better off swinging for the fences on a small guy who could become elite with your 3rd or later like where alot of these guys were taken. The draft is just full of them.
  13. Lol just as you post this stl defense scored.
  14. I'd pack his bags for him. I don't know if Dallas does it. Also didn't Dallas shaft us in a Bieksa trade? Me thinks benning doesn't care for Nill too much after the Bieksa and hamhuis debacle. Maybe I'm thinking of something else though.
  15. Thaaaats it. Glass is my official #3