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  1. The dahlen plays a parameter game is a head scratcher.
  2. Yeah but we employ the guy who drafted him don't we?
  3. Because it's the truth.
  4. I don't like the idea of him playing in Europe however I agree he has nothing more to learn in the ohl. This stupid chl/nhl agreement strikes again. He'd be a perfect fit in Utica.
  5. Third is a friendly reminder the the mvp as a business does not give a $&!# about the fans whatsoever. They can continue to air documentaries about counterfeit jerseys and scalping tickets all they want they will not get any more money than it takes to see a couple games a year from me.
  6. Kinda bummed i didn't get a call over some of these guys....
  7. Lol dont take my technicality win away from me. I need this.
  8. Subban was called up before mceneny
  9. Went with Holm on accident.
  10. Could have used your positivity around here on draft day.
  11. So did virtanen.
  12. Grow up.
  13. I go bowling once every 4 years to mak3 sure I still hate it.
  14. I know how! I'll take up bowling I'm just messing around BTW
  15. Bowling is lame.