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  1. Virtanen and boeser making it hard on management
  2. It's pretty different. I like that.
  3. That was my intention. To out weird your weirdness.
  4. And only 1 sleeping bag.
  5. So There it is. Any volunteers to go camping with Rob Zepp? Alone... in the woods... with no cell service...
  6. I'm a casual fan but in a couple fantasy leagues so I watch at least a game a week. My friends are big fans. However alot of people are talking that this has been the worst start to the season they've ever seen. Very dry.
  7. Hopefully it's at least consistent
  8. Oh very doable.
  9. Definitly doable. Like Vegas said it might not even be hard to do seeing that he's 6'2". Still as of now. He needs to add alot of weight before he cracks the nhl.
  10. Biology aside. He has to add alot of weight to get to 185. No matter how he adds it, strength training, eating cheetos or maturing be needs to add alot of weight to even get to your 185 standards. That is fact.
  11. He's 165... That's 20 lbs. That's alot of weight to add lol.
  12. Hey I agree with you on some level. I would have loved to see OJ have a dominant performance along with other players. State your observations and move on. We get what you're getting at man. At the end of the day your opinion on cdc means &^@# all just like mine. Our prospects looked bad. What good does bitching about it forever do? Do you think canucks brass will read your posts and release them all? My point is get over it. There's another game on Wednesday.
  13. Basically a prospects vs prospects game except for Vegas icing a waaaay more experienced blue line. I'll give you the rundown but everything should be taken with a grain of salt. This was basically a charity game with the beneficiary being Vegas. Glass- made some very subtle nice plays. His first assist was just a little chip then wong hot behind out D and buried one on a shaky Bachman. That won't happen against an nhl defence. His second assist was a little nicer. He played well but I don't get where people are getting this already looking like an Nhler BS. All of the defence was bad in their own end including OJ. Couldn t get the puck out constantly getting beat all over the ice. subban and holm flashed offensively. Boeser reminds me of vintage Patrick Sharp. Just quietly going about his business finishing plays with the puck in the net. Easily the best player on the ice. I'm not sure his second goal goes in on an nhl goalie. Virtanen played well. High energy until the game was out of hand. Doing what we all want to see him do. First on the forcheck. Creating turnovers. Throwing the body. He's not floating anymore. His feet are always moving. Still. So. Fast. Goldobin Seems to only try when he wants to. Kind of reminds me of virtanen last year. Looks lost away from the puck. Rodin will be playing in Sweden hopefully. Demko made some nice saves. His statline would have looked better if our D didn't completely mail it in at one point.
  14. What's it matter when they started filling their cupboard? The nhl giveted them the cupboard. Here's something for you. We had 4 1st rounders (2012 and on) playing in yeasterdays game. Vegas had 6. That's like saying philli is drafting new jersey than us because they got heischier in 1 draft. I typically enjoy your posts but right now your coming off like a bratty 12 yr old girl because of a preseason loss. Let It Go Man. It's not the end of the world
  15. Let's not get carried away. I'm just hoping we get a break on the Luongo cap recapture.