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  1. [GDT] Sharks @ Canucks - Fri, Dec 15 @ 7PM - SNP

    It's Friday. 37% effort today.
  2. [GDT] Sharks @ Canucks - Fri, Dec 15 @ 7PM - SNP

    73% chance I'm not going to watch this game haha.
  3. [Waivers] Bruins waive Matt Belesky

    We have cap relief from horvat baerstchi sutter and gudbranson. I'm pretty sure we can swing the 3.8 mill if we wanted to .
  4. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Nah even flames and habs fans are defending it.
  5. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Easy guys. He looked good last couple game. This team went to the cup finals last year. I mean i didnt watch the game but did anyone look good last night ?
  6. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Ah good ol Shawn Matthias.
  7. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    The only place I read that is on cdc. I'm more interested in bode Wilde.
  8. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets

    It happens to the best of us. Especially when one of these guys comes out of the wood work. I was thinking about chiming in but you guys seem to have it under control lol.
  9. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    I was furious when we took him lol.
  10. Cole Candella | D

    It's funny because that's what I like about benning. He's not afraid to part with prospects if they don't develop at a rate that he feels will get them to the Nhl. We're only allowed 50 contracts having a few open spots is more valuable than alot of people think. Those guys you were talking about pan out so rarely that it's not even worth the contract spot imo.
  11. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets

    This Dowd character doesn't get a free pass either. I get that he isn't on this team.to score goals but come on with these bad penalties man. Same thing with gagner. Doesn't hit. Doesn't fight. Not good in his own end. Hard to believe goldobin can't bring more to the table than 2 bad penalties in 2 games. Also for a dorsett replacement he sure doesn't do alot of fighting.
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets

    Oh I was pretty pumped too and I'm not afraid to admit it.
  13. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets

    While their MAY be better options thag Chaput and dowd in the minors they're not the current issue. When your top players are out your secondary sco4ing needs to step up. I'm looking at Sam 9agner. What exactly does he do on this team? Score? Nope. Defensive? Nope. Physical? Nope. I can provide more for the 3x3 contract he was gifted.
  14. CDC Yahoo Hockey League - Season 4

    As long as my goalies play the canucks they do well.
  15. [Rumour] Canucks shopping Alexander Burmistrov

    Add those two together and that's what I think we can get for him.