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  1. I wonder if JB trades tanev for a pick after the season finishes. Clear up salary. Recoup a top round pick. Or Package tanev with loui as a salary dump to resign toffgoali
  2. If kreider goes for much more do you change your stance? Also have to factor in that schaller had negative value.
  3. I dont think it's been mentioned but another plus for the trade is the chemistry that Toffoli and Pearson already have.
  4. Makes me feel better knowing it was a tough decision for you lol.
  5. The players I want on your team are untouchable.
  6. Teams stale. Trading for the future. Best offer I got.
  7. Does the goal light signal a goal?
  8. Yeah I'm not against this. I do have a feeling he'll turn it up in his contract year though. Hopefully virt continues to take steps in the right direction and we wont miss pearson at all.
  9. Meh. Every draft year is a deep draft year until it isnt. 2012- "this draft could be the best since 2003" 2020- lol
  10. Didnt Crosby's injury turn out to be a neck thing the entire time?
  11. I think he has a huge chance to disappoint. However, I do think it's worth the risk if we can scoop him for let's say a third and Jonas gadjovic. Leivo will be a welcomed addition when he returns from IR but he doesn't provide what we need right not. Just more of the same. Simmonds, while average or small sized, provides the grit and pushback that we lack.
  12. Truthfully I dont think I want risto.w Our core is pretty much set. I think we'll start recycling players starting with gaud. When hes an fra and his value reaches max less his butt
  13. I feel like my title would not be very kind lol.
  14. Came to that conclusion from one game eh?
  15. We better not be on the hook for his caphit. This is a legitimate health concer and he should not be pressured back in the lineup. Lots of teams get away with this type of this for a way less legitimate reason.