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  1. At this point I just assume this wont be going away lol.
  2. Pretty extravagant for an empty building with no events lol
  3. You know what gets me about the pod panic? He was getting like less than 2 mins of ice time last year and no one said boo. Now after clear improvement everyone is losing their minds.
  4. I wonder if his rights have value with all this "interest". Woupdnt mind a 5th from someone.
  5. Alot of his game is still there however but his foot speed is becoming an issue imo. I give him 2 more seasons of good hockey. Any more and I think he becomes a liability. He may still try to hang on though.
  6. You have to look deeper than that imo. Sure we no longer have any assets left from that trade but it was years ago. Neither does florida. What we did gain was a playoff birth, and in turn invaluable experience for our young core. It's like saying we have nothing to show for the trades we made to draft the twins.
  7. Took waaaaay too long for someone to say this lol.
  8. I thought so lol. I'm like I think he means NTC or nmc but maybe hes on to something.
  9. You guys are really taking the wrong part of my post here lol.
  10. Hes definitely knocking at the door of it. Closest player I can think of not named crosby or mcdavid.
  11. Ah. Thanks for clearing that up. My mistake.
  12. I'm not super worried about his ice time. He had less last year and turned out fine. But peteys coach tried something like this so it's not completely off the wall bat$&!# crazy. I mean he didnt limit ice time but he was like yeah I dont think he should go to the nhl hes not ready. Come over and lights it up lol. Clearly just a ploy to keep him.
  13. Yeah not a fan of that. If he cant crack the canucks I want him close by with the comets
  14. Halls been traded. Twice. Subban. Weber. Seth jones. Kessel. Stone. Karlsson. Hell even miller is better than boeser. So yes. The best player in the salary cap have been traded and are tradable. Maybe not the generational (crosby ovi kane) but anything below that level are tradeable. Boeser is far, far below that level
  15. Isnt the topic a rumor of a signing? Cap implications are part of the topic no? I dont see anyone discussing poptart flavors here...