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  1. Sure I get that. but again if you criticise him for that you have to give him credit for the line combos he did come up with. like sedins with Sutter and bo bear and Burrows line. WD is neither the problem or solution. yet people act like he is the reason for our poor record. this team has a similar record whether Torts or Babcock is behind the bench.
  2. Here take my minus for the day. I'm sure this loss has nothing to do with OUR ENTIRE TOP PAIRING OUT. Clearly all WDs fault. and I'm sure your not going to credit WD for the over .500 hockey we've been playing for the last 2 weeks. against some good teams mind you.
  3. Virtanen for schmaltz
  4. Many times with team canada the roster selection is very political. remember when corrado was the best player in camp and didn't even get a sniff? I hope he makes it but I feel he'd be a long shot without injuries playing a factor.
  5. I would even add on to virtanen to make it happen. I don't think its enough to get it done.
  6. By who? you?
  7. Little late?!?!
  8. Who are these guys lol.
  9. Oh for sure I remember that. he got tuned that night too. but again. Lotta heart to do that.
  10. Didn't realize he was hurt.
  11. Hey lol I lIke the effort. the heart is there. the hammers are not. I'm afraid hes.going to get hurt one day. picks tough guys to dance with. I respect that.
  12. Baertschi demoted for scoring too much?
  13. Sbisa is really good at getting punched in the face.
  14. Classic hammer.