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  1. sedins B- Granlund B- Do they watch any games?
  2. I know for sure you'll drop it if Boeser becomes the player I think he will. Thus making you look like a colossal idiot.
  3. going to new Zealand next week. Seen the EB games had some in Stock last week. Gunna try to grab 1 or 2 while I'm there.
  4. What's the point of playing these kids with the twins. We need to see what this team can do without the twins. If he puts up burrows numbers with the twins it's still moot as the twins are in the Twilight of their careers.
  5. So what's your proposal? Join the KHL? Nvm read this wrong.
  6. No man. Epic fail if the entire team isnt traded. That's the way to do it on nhl17
  7. That's what you guys sound like btw. Epic fail unless the entire team is traded.
  8. Lockwood was back for a game no? Did he hurt himself since coming back?
  9. And bo and Hutton and Stetcher and gudbranson and Sbisa and Sutter and Granlund and Baertschi and markstrom
  10. The thing with Grenier is the has the body to contribute in other ways than scoring. Like jake. But also like jake he doesn't like to do those things for whatever reason.
  11. Let me help you out with this one. The team doesn't care.
  12. ... 26 in 30?
  13. Good work. Nice research. As per the jake update Jake is a player who does need to hit the score sheet to contribute so long as he is using his other skills (speed, physicality). He was doing that stuff last year with the Canucks but got away from it. It sounds like he's getting back to that. Maybe utica and green humbled him just a bit. Plane rides are more fun than bus rides. Here's to hoping thato style of play continues and leads to a successful nhl career.
  14. Demko wasn't even dressed last night. Any update or insight as to why?
  15. Yes sir Brock Boeser.