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  1. Going to start off with admitting I wasn't able to watch the game. However, correct me if I'm wrong or you disagree when I say that this is a game where your don't hate losing. Scoring from our young guns, came up just short of a W against the best franchise of the decade. Like I said I didn't watch the game and many times the box score doesn't tell the truth. I would have liked the 2 points but we can't win them all. Similar to the leafs if you can't tell thathe this team is headed in the right direction you're blind. Also see Mr. Bo dangles goal. Wowza. How was the Stetcher goal?
  2. Gotta be close
  3. Same goes for the Comets too. Demko not getting many games at Bachman is playing out of his mind.
  4. Yeah I get what your saying. I'm just comparing his success at the level of hockey he's at to others success to the level they're playing at. Off the top of my head he shouldn't be higher than Lockwood.
  5. LMAO okay.
  6. No it's waiting for the wrong bus for 75 mins because my wife can't read a map in gooseland. I can't take it out on her so you're the lucky guy today.
  7. So youre saying that Megna is our 3rd best defensman while people think he shouldn't be in the lineup?
  8. Oh there were many Sbisa bashers, probably the majority of CDC for sure. No one has a problem remembering that. However no one remembers the few supporters he did have.
  9. Don't drag the rest of us in your antics please.
  10. You're quickly becoming the new labamba
  11. From reading this thread it's difficult to tell that we EARNED 2 pts tonight. Sometimes I feel like people would rather see what happened to NYR tonight and in Dallas most nights (score more than 4 and still lose). A win is a win is a win is a win. Preventing goals is half the game. Many forget that teams have had success by stacking their defence. NJ has used this model for years and won a cup with it. Nasvhille was very successful doing this. Now they suck more and more as they dismantle their D for offence.
  12. sedins B- Granlund B- Do they watch any games?
  13. I know for sure you'll drop it if Boeser becomes the player I think he will. Thus making you look like a colossal idiot.
  14. going to new Zealand next week. Seen the EB games had some in Stock last week. Gunna try to grab 1 or 2 while I'm there.
  15. What's the point of playing these kids with the twins. We need to see what this team can do without the twins. If he puts up burrows numbers with the twins it's still moot as the twins are in the Twilight of their careers.