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  1. Clearly you care... seeing that you took time out of your day to post about my comment. Twice.
  2. Ill agree to disagree so we can move on. Clearly Canuck management is leaning towards my views on the subject seeing that hansen has provided a list of teams.
  3. Who says I'm panicking? It's obvious that hansen isn't rick Nash and won't garnish a boat load of picks and prospects. So if we losever him for nothing it's not a big deal. I'd just rather not lose him for nothing.
  4. The rush to move hansen is the expansion draft. We will expose 2 of burr hansen Baer Granlund. Losing hansen for the first decent offer is alot better than losing hansen for nothing.
  5. His praise has been sung plenty. I vote Sutter as our unsung hero. Maybe Sbisa.
  6. Maybe missed the overall point you guys are getting at yes. But the phrase "better than Subban" kind of irks me (I know he said "right now"). It's like saying horvat is better than sedins. Yeah maybe during the twins worst year statistically compared to Horvats best. But historically? No.
  7. Yes. For the last 20 games McEneny has looked better than Subban. People need to calm their tits. How about for the past 4 years. Who's looked better? It could just be a hot streak.
  8. Very similar. Except for I'd take dorsett over Martin any day. Care to explain why you're bringing this up now? Is there an update I'm missing or did you come here just to stir $&!# up?
  9. Aren't they paying Martin 2.5 x4 years? That would give us the laugh laugh...
  10. Good find! Should have just taken Nabokov lol
  11. My mistake. I've been on edge
  12. That there is an example of a player who absolutely crushed his overage season and did nothing since. Plays in the echl still. You're underestimating overagers advantage in JR levels.
  13. Dane fox
  14. Pheonix usually has all the utica games. Piss poor quality though