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  1. Pass. Looks like fair value though.
  2. 4 players? That's it? No team would be interested in Henrik Daniel Eriksson Baertschi Edler Hutton Tryamkin Markstrom Gudbranson ???? I get what you're trying to get at, but you are just as bad when you make a topic like this.
  3. Tanev Edler Hutton Gudbranson Sbisa Tryamkin Larson Pedan Stretcher Juolevi Gormley would likely slot in behind these players on our depth chart. He would add utica.
  4. How can you say the risk is worthe the reward when you don't know what the risk is? You understand that acquiring him would mean a trade right? Meaning an asset going the other way. You don't know what it would take to get him away from Buffalo. Would the risk be worth the reward if it cost us beartschi? People seem to forget that Buffalo traded away alot to get him. I doubt they would just give him away especially because he does have top 6 nhl talent.
  5. And people still want to trade for this guy...
  6. I'm with you. It didn't work out for Jensen. Why would you want OJ there?
  7. Haha that's funny. I'm in Gatineau right now.
  8. Wow. I never thought brassard would still have this much value. I wouldn't have mind going after zibby. I like his play but not sure his size Kildare fill our big scoring winger wish list. How big is he? Edit: 6'2" 222 lbs surprised benning didn't make a push for him. I guess we didn't have a brassard to give. I wouldn't have blinked to have traded Edler for him although I don't think ottawa was looking for a defensman.
  9. Oh man that's great congrats on your child! Me and my bride have agreed some while ago that we want one child. We're going to wait for about a year before we start trying. I'm very nervous about that. I would be just shattered if I found out I coulent have kids.
  10. Haha me and my boys went to Chicago back in June. Although we put in a full shift at the bar on Friday night too. Couple of them werent in the best of shape yesterday. I also had a stag back in April although I heard that those aren't as popular outside of southern ontario.
  11. Yeah we had around 200 open bar. Gave er pretty hard last night.
  12. Haha. It's an open relationship. I'm only there on Tuesdays now.
  13. Thanks for the CDC love you guys
  14. Hey guys. Sorry if I seem like I'm fishing for attention but you are in a way like family to me. It's a slow offseason right now so I thought Id share some big news with you. GOOSEBERRIES TIED THE KNOT LAST NIGHT! My bride was gorgeous and I had the time of my life. On cloud 9 right now :).
  15. Jared mccann gains another 25 pounds before the season starts.