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  1. Saw this from the 24hours twitter. http://ow.ly/i/zv7n
  2. Didn't feel a thing downtown either.
  3. The visuals in GoT are absolutely stunning. Heres a cool video that takes you behind the scenes of production. Love the last bit with the dragons (was kinda skeptic of how they'd do it and they pulled it off wonderfully) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkptadiDABo EDIT: Just looked over the casting and I can definitely see Tom Wlaschiha as Jaqen H'ghar.
  4. I have got to say that this show is one of the best-- if not the best-- shows on TV. Its got everything-- intrigue, character development, emotion, mystery etc... Neds episode was really difficult to watch. I knew it was coming up but I guess I was in denial about it. Sean Beans really had it rough though, first as Boromir and now Ned. Boooo! The finale was spectacular... I was weary about how they'd put everything together, but the CGI was great. Cannot wait till spring 2012 and especially, till the next book is released!
  5. Definitely! Can't wait for it! :)

  6. Definitely! Can't wait for it! :)

  7. yeah they will win the cup next year for sure.:)

  8. Is that really him?? So many people on my FB were adding him and I was like... uhhh, do you really think he'd be on FB, adding people a day before game 7 of the SCF??
  9. Well, that was depressing! Always next year! ={

  10. Well, that was depressing! Always next year! ={

  11. Always loved KB3. Hope we find a way to keep him. He's going to be gold. And he's a great interviewee-- love the one-liners and funny comments from him.
  12. that's okay.how is it going how u doin cant wait till tomorrow wooooooooooo GO CANUCKS GO.:)

  13. Hi, there! Sorry for the delay.. still working out this whole CDC thing! :)

  14. Hi, there! Sorry for the delay.. still working out this whole CDC thing! :)

  15. Thank you! And, I'm 100% sure that your son appreciates you spending that money on him to see one of the best players of all time. I wish tickets were still $40, though! Seems like an absolute steal now! Thank you again for the very kind words! It's been a great ride so far!