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  1. Lot of people clamoring about us being 4-0-1 and shouldn't be calling people out for poor play. That's bull*hit. Sure, we're doing better than expected but that is not a reason for us to not look for what we can improve on. Burrows has been a liability and Eriksson has underperformed. Plain and simple. Virtanen needs time in the AHL to gain his confidence and remember how to play the sport.
  2. Mistakes happen to everyone. I'm more concerned about how he's been invisible in nearly every game so far. I watched him quite a bit when he was in Boston and he is a completely different person so far on our team.
  3. Been very disappointed with Eriksson so far. Has not come as advertised.
  4. That deserved no more than a game. Pretty mild hit.
  5. Kings are near the bottom of the standings while we're at the top. I fully expect to lose.
  6. Gudbranson was such a great addition to this team. All those haters when the trade happened and its looking like a steal.
  7. I mean, its nice to be good at coming back. But this is three games straight that we haven't had a lead.
  8. That is brutal. You'd think a team that had the money to buy a spot in the NHL would at least make their team area top tier. This is as bland as they come. Those cubicles and shelving units are like what you would see in elementary school...
  9. I feel like if we win this game, the pundits are going to have to rethink their expectations about the Canucks. I think we're going to put on a show. 5-2 Nux - Baer and Eriksson with a pair each.
  10. Is he wrong about the things he said? Nope. Was the way he said them a little overboard for being only three games into the season and they're sitting at 2-1? Yup.
  11. Maybe people should stop posting topics that deserve condescending tone?
  12. The 3rd period effort was excellent. If that team shows up on a consistent basis and we stay healthy - we have a playoff team. If we get that team only 1/3rd of our games, we're going to be in the basement (although I highly doubt lower than 70 points). Now to the real question. Are you going to fix that glaring mistake in the title?
  14. Why am I surprised that the game Willie puts our second half scoring leader on the 4th line - we have no goals?.