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  1. I like how the guy with the worst spelling, grammar, and sentence structure is claiming to be the contract specialist on these boards. This thread is priceless.
  2. In three years, that last year of 3 million cap hit will be a huge thorn in our side. That is the year we need to pay our young stars and will likely be the start of us being serious playoff contenders when we want to start loading up. Having a $3,000,000 deficit compared to the other contending teams is a HUGE loss.
  3. Edmonton has been saying they can outscore their defensive problems for years. Hell, they had just had two 100+ point players last season and still missed the playoffs. You need a competent defensive core if you want to make the playoffs. The Canucks do not currently have that. They need a top-4D and hope that Juo pans out this season.
  4. If we pick up Panarin and a top-4 D in free agency, I believe we sneak into the playoffs. If we don't get Panarin or if we pick up the wrong D in free agency, then no.
  5. Except the whole point of the change is to stop coaches from trying to challenge fringe calls. The intention here is to allow coaches to have obvious calls overturned but diminish the reactionary "challenge anything close" approach which is currently taken. If you're giving someone an extra 15 seconds to review, that means that it shouldn't be challenged in the first place and the call on the ice should stand. At least that's my take on the situation.
  6. Really? I found that to be the best change. It forces coaches to only use challenges when there was a clear mistake made rather than where they're just hoping for a goal to be overturned by chance. It'll result in fewer challenges therefore speeding the game up.
  7. So Botchford dies and all the sudden Dhaliwal has become the CDC whipping boy? The guy is just reporting news/rumours that he hears, he is not claiming that they will happen. I for one am glad to know what types of players the management group is having discussions about because it speaks a lot to the teams direction, even if nothing comes of the rumours. I was also happy to hear the stages of the Edler negotiations. I don't get why all the sudden people are hating on Dhaliwal. His reporting style has not changed.
  8. You're pointing the finger at me, but I do all I can to protect our coastal salmon. I can't control what the general population of British Columbia does. People are often stubborn and stupid. They refuse to follow the science. With that said, dead salmon fry in the Fraser (while an issue) is not the biggest issue which needs to be tackled. As I previously pointed out, the biggest issue facing both the Orca and salmon is noise pollution in the aquatic environment and over-fishing. Both of those needs to be addressed much more seriously than they are. And dealing with noise pollution in the aquatic environment requires us to curtail oil tanker traffic or at least put on significant restrictions to existing traffic. Which returns us to the original point which is that adding further oil tanker traffic is bad for both the salmon and Orca.
  9. With respect, you clearly know very little about the Southern Resident Orca population if you believe that its whale watchers and water pollution that are leading their extinction. The two most prominent issues are noise pollution in the aquatic environment and lack of food (due to noise pollution and over-fishing). Yes, I am opposed to having the existing shipping lines where they are. In fact, we recently obtained new restrictions on all commercial vessels in the area including distance from whales, decreased speed limits, and further restrictions on all fishing of their main food source (Chinook). There are already significant restrictions on pleasure craft including whale watching boats around the Southern Resident Orca population, plus many of those businesses directly fund rehabilitation programs as their business models depend on the survival of the Southern Resident Orca populations. And yes, even by your numbers, a 10%+ increase in shipping traffic would be detrimental to their chances of survival. They're already on the verge of extinction and with every passing year it becomes less likely that they will recover. Adding further noise pollution to their environment with be a death sentence.
  10. Look, I have a lot of personal bias on this issue because I have a large passion for the Orca population in British Columbia. Its almost guaranteed that the increased oil tanker traffic will result in the extinction of the Southern Resident Orca population. That is generally my reason for being opposed to the TMX Pipeline. I've actually supported other pipelines, even ones coming into British Columbia. I am not a fan of ocean-terminal pipelines, particularly ones which are guaranteed to have an extremely negative impact on local wildlife. But even if we put that bias aside, I don't see the long-term benefit of TMX pipeline. There is no direct benefit to British Columbia. There is significant risk to our most precious natural resource: our coastline. Just as Alberta is pissed because British Columbia is "holding up" their preferred use of their most precious natural resource (bitumen), it cuts both ways. I have no doubt that a large amount of British Columbians support the TMX pipeline. There are certainly valid reasons for wanting it to be built. I just do not believe that those people (even if they are the majority) are thinking long-term. I quite frankly do not buy into the concerns about the increase in greenhouse gas emissions because as many TMX pipeline proponents have pointed out, Canada is already a very minimal polluter and generally quite good with their energy. But in my opinion (and I emphasize that is my opinion) that it would be more financially prudent to invest in other Canadian natural resource energy sources in order to transition us into the next stage of energy infrastructure. Not only does that maintain the protection of our coastline, but it also gives us a natural resource to depend on long-term into the future.
  11. What the hell are you even talking about? You can't come up with a logical argument so you just start labeling people to fit your agenda?
  12. How in the hell are we wanting more? Our position is literally that we want LESS. Leave your oil in the ground. Get a job that doesn't contribute to the burning of your own province. The only province here with a self-interested approach is Alberta. Alberta is the one demanding MORE. More pipelines. More oil tankers. More oil production. The cognitive dissonance that you're exhibiting is astounding.
  13. This ideology is why I hate the stereotypical Albertan (which you so perfectly embody). Alberta is no more important to Canada than any other province or territory. There is a lot more to being Canadian than money. Unfortunately Albertan ideals are literally burning Alberta to the ground. The rest of us want to avoid selling our souls to the devil to promote short-sighted economic gains.
  14. You know that Alberta is not the only country which does not receive equalization payments, correct? You are aware that British Columbia also does not receive equalization payments and that federal tax dollars from British Columbia are also paid to other provinces as equalization payments? You make it sound like Alberta has it so tough. Did you know that Albertans average 29.9% more annual income than the average Canadian? That is on top of the fact that they do not pay provincial sales tax and their fuel prices are dirt cheap. I say this as someone that lived in Edmonton for years. Alberta needs to shut up about how tough they've got it. They're the wealthiest province with some of the cheapest goods, yet they whine more than any other province. And that is damn impressive considering Quebec exists.