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  1. Yup, I wish he did too. But people make mistakes. Maclean made one and apologized for it. I'm prepared to move on from that one.
  2. You're expecting too much. He's apologized in multiple media formats. Any of course he put it on Cherry. Cherry was the one who said all the dumb sh*t. Had Cherry kept his mouth shut, Maclean wouldn't be in trouble. I'd be pissed at Cherry too if I was Maclean. Good for him for throwing Cherry under the bus.
  3. Which is fine, but what he said was clearly inappropriate and hurts Sportsnet's brand. So its natural that he would be fired. Cherry is not entitled to a platform.
  4. Disagree. MacLean owned his complicity and apologized. He dealt with it like Cherry should have. Further, I wouldn't be surprised if MacLean didn't even realize what Cherry had said. I can imagine its difficult to sit next to Cherry and never zone out and pretend like you were listening to the blowhard.
  5. If we were going for equality, Cherry would have said that more Canadians should be buying poppies. Instead he only went after immigrants. That's the problem. Particularly when he had no evidence to substantiate his position.
  6. Stop moving the goal posts. You said Cherry was misinterpreted and Jimmy pointed out why he was not. You then say he should not have caved. If he actually meant all Canadians rather than immigrants, then caving should not have been a problem. The fact he did not apologize or even offer a clarification just supports the position that he was being intentionally anti-immigrant. Cherry screwed up. Whether he did it knowingly or by accident is irrelevant. He deserved to be fired either way.
  7. Actually, he never referenced age. Instead he referenced "you people from over there" which is a clear reference to immigrants. But don't let facts change your narrative.
  8. But it doesn't matter if you think words should not have this much power over people. All you can control is yourself. If you know we live in a culture where words matter and words hurt people, then if the majority of people are good and understand that, then they should be content to be mindful of their words to avoid hurting people. And the "idiots" should understand that they're free to use words to hurt people, but that those people are going to lash out when they get hurt.
  9. Why the hell is it such a big burden to be mindful of what you say? Just don't say divisive things and you won't get hate. If you want to save divisive things, go for it, but don't get butthurt when people call you out for it.
  10. No one is being "thought police". Don's words were crystal clear. "You people" come here and take "our milk and honey". Don clearly created a segregation between people like him (read: non-immigrant Canadian) and people not like him (read: immigrant Canadians) and suggested that it is the immigrants who are not supporting our veterans and buying poppies. 1) There is no evidence to support his claims. 2) The comment is clearly racist. If Don didn't mean what those words clearly say, then he should have been fired anyways because you can't just say sh*t on national television without being mindful of your words. It doesn't matter if Don didn't mean to be racist (which I doubt because he's been racist and misogynistic countless times before this). What Don said WAS racist. And you get fired for saying racist sh*t on national television.
  11. Rebel Media is the Breitbart of Canada.
  12. Hopefully this is a learned lesson for the young team.
  13. Feel like you missed the point of my comment. I don't feel any extra sympathy for Brashear as compared to other Timmies employees. Many people that find themselves working at Timmies at Brashear's age have gone to hell and back through their life. However, most of those people did not have the opportunity that he had. To pretend like Brashear should get more sympathy because he lost millions is ridiculous. I have much more sympathy for the single Mom working three minimum wage jobs to make sure her kids can eat three meals a day because Dad walked out and doesn't pay child support. She never had the opportunity that Brashear had. She deserves more sympathy than Brashear. Sure, Brashear has a sad story, but I don't feel bad that he's at Timmies because his life choices have brought him to that. He had life by the balls and he let his grip slip. Now he lives like the rest of us mere mortals. I feel much worse for the people that have never had an option beyond working at Timmies.
  14. I think you're underselling Stecher. Statistically he was our best defender last year. The guy is absolutely a 3/4 defenseman and can fill in on the top pairing if necessary. In my view, our defenseman currently shake out like this: Top Pairing Calibre - Edler, Hughes 2nd Pairing Calibre - Myers, Tanev, Stecher 3rd Pairing/Fringe Calibre - Benn, Fantanberg, Juolevi If we need anything, its either a top pairing defenseman (in case of injury) or more depth guys who can play 3rd pairing spots. However, we do not have the assets to pull in another top pairing guy, nor do we have the roster spots for another depth guy. So the point feels moot.