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  1. NHL eyeing European expansion????

    I don't see how this could ever work as one league. Travel alone makes it effectively impossible to achieve without shortening the amount of games in a season, or by not allowing the North American teams to do trans-atlantic flights except for playoffs or something. Doesn't sound like something worth doing. Quite frankly, there's already a large amount of European hockey leagues, some which are somewhat close to the NHL level caliber. So I don't see how this makes sense at all. If anything, they could do something similar to what League of Legends (e-sport) is doing. Multiple leagues that all send their top performing regional playoff teams to the world championships to face off against other regions best teams. But again, its such a drastic change to the fabric of hockey and the NHL that I wouldn't want to see it happen.
  2. NICKNAME for Elias Pettersson

    The nickname is already stuck. It's Petey.
  3. Granlund has been given opportunities to contribute offensively. He's done better this year, but last year his stick was where offensive plays went to die. This year he's been rehabilitating himself from such a poor showing last year, but it will take time. He has already been given time on the first line on multiple nights. I'd also point out that he'll never be a top line player. He just doesn't have that potential. His top end appears to be that of a bottom-six grinder who can contribute offensively now and then. He's similar to Hansen for me, without the proven pedigree. When we're a young team trying to develop forwards, you want to give your player's with potential the chance to flourish - that is why someone like Goldobin is being given more opportunity than Granlund. Further, the points his brother has put up is irrelevant to what our Granlund can do. Just look at the Gretzky family...
  4. This is basically the same thing as the Khadr issue. Conservatives screwed up, Liberals take the heat for it. Nothing could have been done about either issue. Any further litigation or time wasted on either issue would just be lost money. Liberals made the right call on both issues. Now I agree with @coastal.view though, Liberals have screwed the pooch on the pipeline issue and a future government will likely face the brunt of being tasked with writing off the debt. This happens to every government in some way or another, so really we should just take note of it and move on.
  5. Nylander 0 Games - 0 Points. We all know who the real bust here is. Nylander isn't even playing in the NHL.
  6. Federal Liberals to End Solitary Confinement

    That's a stupid take. Solitary confinement does nothing for victims, but has actually been proven to lower rehabilitation rates and cause significant damage to the criminals to the point that they're more likely to re-offend once release from prison. I believe that this is a good move by the Liberals. Sure, no one likes to see criminals get "more rights", but realistically, this is better for society in the long run.
  7. [Report] Mike Matheson suspended 2 games

    Expected a fine or 1 game suspension, was hoping for 2-3 game suspension. This is right around what it should be. I think the DoPS actually got this one right, which blows my mind being a Canuck fan.
  8. Emergence of Nilsson

    Way to early to say something like this after a mere two games. He had a couple of good games last year too, but overall he played like garbage. Neither of our goalies are legitimate starting goaltenders in the NHL. They're both career backups that have been given a shot on a bottom feeding team going through a rebuild. Next year Demko will be on the team, and a year or two after that, so will DiPietro. Until then, Markstrom and Nilsson are just stopgaps.
  9. If people want to have a legitimate conversation about discrimination perpetrated by the Muslim community in Canada, so be it. I'm sure there are actual examples - there are in all all people groups. No one is perfect. But your leading evidence being Rebel Media is surefire grounds for not being taken seriously. As others have said, there are so many examples of discrimination across the board for all religions, races, and minority groups, we don't need sensationalized non-stories to be made up by fringe "entertainment" groups like Rebel Media. @Ryan Strome - If your goal is to get people to see your perspective, you'd be better served not trying to do so by taking the side of Rebel Media. Nothing they say can be taken at face value when their leader has had multiple cases of libel successfully litigated against him. Defamation is one of the more difficult torts to establish, yet the guy has lost time after time.
  10. [Report] Tom Wilson suspended 20 games

    I agree completely. Not a head shot in my opinion. Therefore his history shouldn't even be a factor. Seems to me they through the book at him because of his history, but the decision never should have made it to that point.
  11. [Report] Tom Wilson suspended 20 games

    Oh I get that he has a significant history. But his history is only relevant (or should only be relevant) if the hit is a head shot. I don't consider this a head shot, or at the very least, a head shot that Wilson could avoid.
  12. By 2084, the Canucks rebuild will be nearing completion.

  13. [Report] Tom Wilson suspended 20 games

    To be honest, I didn't even think the hit was suspendable. Especially with its comparative hit being Nazem Kadri on Daniel Sedin. Really surprised at 20 games, figured he'd get between 2 and 5.
  14. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Happy to see that they sent Gaunce down. Unfortunately he just doesn't belong in the NHL right now (or possibly ever). Sad to see Gaudette and Juolevi sent down as they would have been entertaining to watch develop in the NHL, but at least they'll get to play big roles in Utica this season and hopefully are ready for some call-ups and ready for a starting role next season.
  15. I have a hard time seeing them move Vegas to Central after only a couple of years in the Pacific division. The NHL has known Seattle was going to get an expansion for some time, so it seems unlikely they would put Vegas in the Pacific knowing it would get moved a couple of years later.