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  1. He did. Wife and children.
  2. I am a lawyer, and you're correct. There is no duty to rescue in this situation as the kids played no part in the victim being put into the position that led to his death. This is the case everywhere in Canada, except Quebec, as well. There is no duty to rescue, but Good Samaritan laws exist in some provinces which afford some protection to those who TRY to help. But there is still no standing obligation to help people in need - even in BC. Its a tricky balance because its feels disgustingly immoral what these kids did, but at the same time, you have to protect the autonomy of individuals to not force them to do something they don't want to do - particularly when they haven't broken any laws.
  3. Linkin Park was a fantastic band that I really identified with growing up. Wouldn't be the same without them. This is a sad day. =(
  4. Thanks for the thoughtful breakdown. I think we're going to improve from last year, but not by much. I'd estimate we finish around 25th place - good for the 6th OA pick before the lottery. This is of course assuming we stay healthy. I'd argue we're actually LESS deep this year than we were last year meaning if we lose a few key players early on in the season, we could very well be bottom dwellers all season long and never recover. I'm always an optimist when it comes to injuries. I always think "it can't possibly be worse than LAST season", just to be proven wrong on an annual basis. So assuming relatively few big injuries, I could see us improving on last year. If we get our usual plethora of injuries, I could us being worst than last year due to a lack of depth.
  5. He's not even projected to be a generational player, so I'm not sure why you'd call him a generational player.
  6. That's a rather palat-able deal for Tampa.
  7. Hey... I had to decide which face to use.
  8. Then Sutter doesn't remind you of Edler. Because Edler rotates between making great plays and straight up awful plays. #droppass
  9. Whether it bothers me or not is irrelevant, its against the forum rules to keep posting substance-less threads. But yes, it bothers me. I typically browse CDC on breaks at work and its disappointing when I get my hopes up for an interesting thread just to open it and see half a sentence of thought put into it. As to why the mods haven't bothered contact you... maybe they just blocked you?
  10. Why not just have one coherent thread where you logically set our your reasons for why you don't think Dahlin is necessary (or why he is) and then explain a coherent proposal trading Tanev and Hutton for Sergachev + under the assumption we can land Dahlin. That's why you've been getting flack from me and others lately. As @Fanuck said, you're just churning out mindless threads with no real substance to them lately. Why not spend a bit more time developing your argument before posting?
  11. They aren't positive vibes, they're just incoherent nonsense. There are so many leaps in your logic that its just laughable.
  12. Maybe your ideas just suck.