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  1. So just to be clear, your proposal is that we would give up Horvat + Hutton + X for Klingberg, who you yourself mentioned may walk in free agency the following season. That just seems like a terrible option.
  2. Korean peace?

    So we should just completely throw away any semblance of credibility the award has and continue to give it to undeserving recipients? Its irrelevant that Obama won it... that doesn't all the sudden qualify Trump. Particularly when he's causing more division in the United States than the Civil War.
  3. Korean peace?

    Why would Trump win it over the people who actually made this happen such as the Chinese or South Korean leaders? Just because Trump didn't &^@# something up doesn't automatically mean that he was the most important factor. I know we have low standards for him, but give me a break.
  4. I'm not trying to be "that guy" about grammar and syntax, but your sentence structure is so baffling that I don't even know what your post is trying to achieve. Was there a question or a point somewhere in there?
  5. Vezina Trophy finalists unveiled

    Demko doesn't drop a single game in the 2017-2018 season in the best hockey league in the world and he isn't even a finalist? Eastern bias at it again.
  6. Proposal Van- TML

    The trolls on CDC don't even try anymore.
  7. [Report] Nazem Kadri suspended 3 games

  8. Wahlstrom's statistics are actually quite ridiculous. He's only behind Matthews and Eichel in historical USHL scoring pace - well beyond the likes of other notable young Americans like our very own Brock Boeser. Wahlstrom is my sleeper pick this year - the guy I think that could turn out to be the best player in this draft year (or perhaps second best behind Dahlin). I'm pretty high on Dahlin, Hughes, and Boqvist for defensive prospects. I haven't bought into the Bouchard hype - the guy is very slow and I don't think he's going to translate his scoring into the NHL. I'm not super familiar with Dobson so my snobbing of him is relatively unfounded.
  9. Assuming we fall all the way 9th (which is super unlikely), I would take the highest available player from this list: 1. Dahlin 2. Zadina 3. Svechnikov 4. Hughes 5. Tkachuk 6. Boqvist 7. Whalstrom 8. Bouchard 9. Dobson That is the order I would rank the talent of the top 9 - so far. Canucks should take BPA. As for the second round pick - I'd love to take Merkley or McLeod if either are still available when we pick.
  10. Going to the last home game on April 5th versus Arizona. Not only could it be one of the biggest games of the season, it could be the Sedins last game in the NHL. 

    I either get to watch my first win at Rogers Arena, or I get to watch the tank continue.


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    2. Ghostsof1915


      When I looked they were still $90 something a piece for nosebleeds? 

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      i got them from the NHL ticket exchange 

    4. Fateless


      @Ghostsof1915 - For the Arizona game? Upper bowl corners are showing $33 and $37 for me on the ticketmaster link off of this website. I got upper bowl center for $72.

  11. 21 and unders Future Watch Ranking(s)

    Sure, but Casey is playing against teenagers while Pettersson is playing against grown adults - some of which had long NHL careers. Casey's numbers aren't even all that impressive for the NCAA - sure they're great for his age and he had a fantastic WJC, but I just don't get how he ousts Pettersson.
  12. 21 and unders Future Watch Ranking(s)

    Perhaps, but its not like Pettersson "surprisingly" broke the record or won the scoring title. He was on pace to do it all season. I think its ridiculous that you can have a player like Pettersson who is breaking records held by past NHL superstars like Forsberg, Naslund, and the Sedins yet he isn't even considered the topic prospect not in the NHL.
  13. 21 and unders Future Watch Ranking(s)

    I really don't understand how Mittelstadt is ranked higher than Pettersson. That's not just me being biased as a Canucks fan. Pettersson just broke a 42-year-old record for points by a U20 player. He is the first U20 player to ever win the SHL scoring race (and he did so while missing games for the WJC). I like Mittelstadt and I think he had a great WJC, but he's got nothing on Pettersson.
  14. Pettersson just became the highest scoring U20 player in SHL history. And he now leads the SHL in points.


    Can you believe he's a Canuck?

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    2. RetroCanuck


      I think you mean






      Most of those guys have a high chance of panning out but our D corps is not good enough yet.








      looking forward we need some top talent defensemen and one more elite LW/C would be nice. Other then that we are pretty much set!

    3. luckylager


      Maybe not winning the lottery was the best luck we could've asked for.

    4. dukeofcanuck


      He should be a lock to make the team next year, has nothing left to prove.