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  1. I'm praying we land either Glass or Makar. If they're both gone at #5, I'd be happy with Petersson. I'm not super high on Heiskanen because we have Juo, and I'm not a huge fan of Vilardi or Mittlestadt (although I could easily be proven wrong). If we leave the draft with one of Glass or Makar, I'm calling that a big win for us.
  2. I don't really think he'll benefit much from another year in London. The rule not allowing him to play in the AHL yet really is stupid - its curbing a lot of players development by making them choose between a stagnant year or a rushed year, neither of which are good for the player.
  3. Disagree..


    For 500 Million...much being spread around to the teams for 1/15-20th of their roster.


    who wants a crap team when trying to introduce hockey to a new market ?

  4. The NHL really overdid it with how much leverage they gave Vegas. That team is going to be contending right off the bat with how many prospects and picks they'll have for trade bait. 

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    2. Fateless


      I don't have a problem with the expansion draft itself, but with how many side deals they're able to set up while no other team is allowed to impact the market is just ridiculous.

    3. Joe_Kerr


      Why is it always a bad thing they're going to be good. Ive see several posters say that, "omg they are going to be good"...... good! We dont need anymore garbage southern teams

    4. Fateless


      They're in our division. They're going to be a rival of ours. Why would I want them to be good when that lowers the chance the Canucks wins the cup? Why should a team that just started be handed a solid team with fantastic prospects and a massive haul of picks when there are existing teams that have none of those things? I don't want Vegas to suck, but they're going to have one of the best prospect cupboards in the league within a month of their inception. And likely a better team to ice for their first game than the Canucks and many other NHL teams. How does that make sense?

  5. I never claimed the reasoning or rationality of it was good, or right. Just that it is inevitably where it will go. There are less logical and rational people in the world than there are emotional and impulsive.
  6. These things can only happen for so long until the public turns their back on the Muslim community. I've been a relatively vocal supporter for bringing refugees into Canada, and for working to stop the spread of hate towards Muslims, but this is getting out of hand. It won't be long until Western countries get fed up with these types of attack and vote people into power (*cough* Trump *cough*) that are willing to boot specific religious groups out of their country. And it won't be long after that, that the majority of the population centers start to support those ideals to protect their own families.
  7. Harper was a strong PM who did a good job of separating his personal values from his governmental role, although he got power-hungry in the last couple years and he lost my vote because of it. However, Harper isn't the leader anymore. Why should I believe Scheer won't let his values and beliefs dictate his government's policy?
  8. The country has moved on from anti-abortion, anti-marriage equality, trans-phobic leadership. Until the Conservative party reforms themselves to focus on issues that the majority of Canadians actually want the focus to be on, they won't win. If the Conservatives really wanted to win nationally, they would have picked a more Liberal leaning candidate to pick up votes stuck in the middle. I'm not happy with a lot of what Trudeau has done (and what he hasn't done, despite promises), but I can't justify voting for a guy who still believes abortion should be illegal, gays shouldn't be allowed to marry, and transsexuals shouldn't be protected from discrimination. Had someone like Chong won, I would have been first onboard with voting Conservative because he brings some of the highlights of both parties together.
  9. You work hard to earn those minuses.
  10. I don't think there's a valid argument for anyone but Nashville and Rinne at the moment. Its not even close.
  11. I bolded the important word in your statement. Players have high value at the TDL while picks have high value at the draft. You'll get far less at the draft for Tanev or Edler than you would for them at the TDL from teams looking to push for the playoffs. Of course we were one of the worst goal scoring teams this year, but we need young players and prospects so that we have a competitive team in 3-5 years. Going out for a goal scorer now will just hurt the team in the long run (see Eriksson).
  12. We don't need a proven goal scorer. We need prospects and young players that can develop into our future core. Edler? Who in their right mind would trade a "top end guaranteed 1st liner + pick" for Edler? His own fans don't even think he's a true #1 D. I don't even think he's a top 2 D on a contender anymore. You really like to overvalue our players.
  13. How so? You think a top five pick and Duclair (someone who has proven they can play in the NHL at a high level, despite having an off-season) is worth less than Tanev and effectively two second round picks? I'd take the top 5 pick and Duclair for Tanev, 31 OA and 33 OA any day of the week and I think Arizona would be stupid to take that deal. They're rebuilding just like we are, and you're suggesting they give up one of their best young players along with a really high draft pick for a 27-year-old D who is at his peak and two early seconds? I know Tanev is an analytics dream which may fly with Arizona, but that deal is a steal for the Canucks.
  14. I liked the part where they said it was a difficult decision to let Willie go.