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  1. You work hard to earn those minuses.
  2. I don't think there's a valid argument for anyone but Nashville and Rinne at the moment. Its not even close.
  3. I bolded the important word in your statement. Players have high value at the TDL while picks have high value at the draft. You'll get far less at the draft for Tanev or Edler than you would for them at the TDL from teams looking to push for the playoffs. Of course we were one of the worst goal scoring teams this year, but we need young players and prospects so that we have a competitive team in 3-5 years. Going out for a goal scorer now will just hurt the team in the long run (see Eriksson).
  4. We don't need a proven goal scorer. We need prospects and young players that can develop into our future core. Edler? Who in their right mind would trade a "top end guaranteed 1st liner + pick" for Edler? His own fans don't even think he's a true #1 D. I don't even think he's a top 2 D on a contender anymore. You really like to overvalue our players.
  5. How so? You think a top five pick and Duclair (someone who has proven they can play in the NHL at a high level, despite having an off-season) is worth less than Tanev and effectively two second round picks? I'd take the top 5 pick and Duclair for Tanev, 31 OA and 33 OA any day of the week and I think Arizona would be stupid to take that deal. They're rebuilding just like we are, and you're suggesting they give up one of their best young players along with a really high draft pick for a 27-year-old D who is at his peak and two early seconds? I know Tanev is an analytics dream which may fly with Arizona, but that deal is a steal for the Canucks.
  6. I liked the part where they said it was a difficult decision to let Willie go.
  7. It is time.
  8. Megna will want a few moments alone with Willie, so I'd assume he'll do it.
  9. This was probably the easiest and most obvious move anyone could have made. His deployment of Megna alone was worthy of firing.
  10. Trying to beat Vintage like :
  11. Next season already looking bright with Willie gone.

  12. Crow.
  13. At least there is a lot of house cleaning for the Canucks to do this summer. Might not be as slow as people think.