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  1. I'd be happy to have him back for the right price - even just on a short-term contract which we could flip at the deadline again. Hansen has always been a workhorse and I think the kids would do well to have another player like him the locker room. Plus he'd be a fantastic 3rd line free agent signing to help fill holes while the kids develop. No reason to not pursue him for the right price. I think he'd come back here in a heartbeat.
  2. Trade him if the return is decent. I honestly feel like these boards place way too much emphasis on "feeling" rather than statistics. Del Zotto and Gudbranson are statistically our two worst defenceman by a mile, yet these boards inflate their values so much. Sure the guy can munch minutes and has a touch of offense, but the numbers simply don't lie. The Canucks get buried in possession, scoring chances, and goals when the guy is on the ice. I like him. I like Guddy. But I hope both are traded to make room for Pouliot and a spot for Juolevi next year. Holm and Biega can fill the gaps until next season.
  3. I normally side with you on these types of issues, but I still have a hard time seeing an 11-year-old as having the cognitive capacity to lie about a hate crime such as this. Possible? Sure. But I still think its more likely that she got the idea from her family or friends. When I was 11-years-old I was making up lies about who ate the chocolate bar and trying to pin it on my sister.
  4. I have a hard time believing an 11-year-old girl would make something like this up on her own. That leaves two realistic options: 1) It happened. 2) She was put up to it and made the story up at the coercion of someone else. Either way, its still an important issue and should be further reviewed as to why an allegation like that occurred in the first place.
  5. This night is an utter failure if Boeser fails to register a point.
  6. Truth. Edited to reflect losing both tonight's game and the future Minny game.
  7. 4-2 for Columbus. Same score for the future Minnesota game. Boeser two point in each. Rest doesn't matter.
  8. Also add Gudbranson to that list, perhaps Hutton. Not to mention the really desirable moves like somehow moving Eriksson or Edler.
  9. I'm really starting to salivate over the top 5 players in this draft, so I'm content with continuing the losing. With that said, I'd love to see Virtanen and Goldobin given a longer leash and more ice-time. Let the prospects play a couple minutes a night extra instead of relying so heavily on the veterans.
  10. I'd actually rather Sweden win with Pettersson earning player of the game and tournament. I think it would be beneficial for his development to lay it all on the line and win an international game of importance like that. Plus I'd love Canada to regret not taking Kole Lind and DiPietro.
  11. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    He's still playing well in the limited opportunities he gets, plus he's playing on a terrible team. I think he could still be a productive second liner (think a more gritty baertschi) if given the opportunity.
  12. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    I have a hard time giving Baer up simply because I think he's been fantastic in the development of Boeser and Horvat, but I think I would pull the trigger on that deal. I've always been very high on Chychrun and was super surprised he dropped to 16th OA.
  13. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    I've always liked Duclair. Felt like Arizona hasn't been able to pull the best out of Duclair and I think someone is going to get a steal of a deal for him. Hopefully its us. I'd be willing to look at a Hutton for Duclair deal, or something of similar value.
  14. January 3rd, 2018: Linden Meeting with Media at 11:45AM

    Why in God's name do you think Demko won't come into his own for another 5-6 years? Demko has been playing really well in the AHL, great even. He's adjusted well to the professional game and I wouldn't be surprised to see him in a Canucks uniform as early as next year playing back-up. We aren't going to be contending for 3-5 years anyways. That aligns perfectly for when Demko will likely have completely taken over the starting job for Vancouver assuming his development trajectory remains the same.