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  1. Tortorella & Keenan's (Messier's) methods of core-busting here were unscrupulous, & diabolical. Not to mention they played a part in the worst role-modelling for the next generations of coaches that I've ever seen. Bullies only get results in the short term, he did for the 'Nucks, in the first few months until over-deployment caused the team's stars to break-down from the abuse. The class eventually, revolts, and is soon done with him! The wheels will fall off of the Blue Jackets juggernaut too....unless Tortorella is a different, kinder & more repentant man. What he did to Luongo, Edler, Weise, Hansen, the Sedins, others & even his favorite in Kes (he played him nearly a 5 min shift straight once, to conclude a game, with just 3 whistles at the most) ...was evil.
  2. I'll endorse that 'cuz it's not violence,....just some over-due karma.
  3. A win,.. is a win,.. is a win. I'm content. Tryamkin took another step up, too!
  4. Lovin' Tram-the-battering-ram!!
  5. Can't possibly mean that. Both Keenan & Tortorella were bonafide core-busters here. Willie might not be top-notch, but he aint that,... nor is he hate-worthy.
  6. Perhaps a coughing-fit, or a wad of gum had the whistles stuck in the referees' hands or in their pockets? Whatever! The breaks are somewhat refreshing if not surprising tho. Too much guilt being felt by the officiating fraternity over past witnessed wrongs, I guess. About time!
  7. If Canucks arent in a play-off position, the officials are directed to throw them a call or 2... but at home ONLY. When the Canucks are on the road or back into a play-off position,... they will be messed with again, as per usual. Because that's when O'Halloran. Sutherland, ORourke or Lee will show-up to officiate match-ups. Nothin' new to see here.
  8. Not so,...he is often paired with O'Halloran who is a more proven Canucks-hater tho. I have seen Hebert call things O'Halloran refused to,...then O'Halloran scream down the ice demanding that Hebert call the Canuck player for a dive to negate the PP. That's what Hebert has been up against, sometimes here. Hebert always tries to be a fair guy out there.
  9. At the beginning of the season, I was really hoping to go to this game. Waiting to see how it plays out. No - P.K. Subban is some value lost right there. And - this ugly 1st goal against is completely "boo" worthy! Where was the whistle to stop the play there?
  10. Hansen has a limited No-trade too doesnt he? That means Winnipeg might be a destination of choice to reunite with his relatives & wife's family, or a contender? I'd still prefer to keep him, tho' thanks,...he's still getting better. When the Sedins hang 'em up,..Hansen will clearly be the best 'Pro' role-model for the forwards on the team.
  11. The fact that Hansen says he still feels like he has a ways to go on his conditioning, on a night where he nets 2 goals,... speaks well for this team's future, in the weeks to come.
  12. Home rink,...homer picks. it's all good!!!