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    Scandinavians everywhere! Sports: loves hockey, soccer, tennis, volleyball, figure skating. Enjoys singing/dancing, theatre sports, sci-fi movies, comic-cons & saunas. T.V. faves: The Good Place, The IT Crowd, Big Bang Theory, Community, Riverdale, ST: Discovery, Orville, The 100, American Pickers, Masterpiece Theatre & stuff on the History Channel like Vikings, of course!

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  1. C’mon 7th man - ya gotta BELIEVE and will that puck across their goal-line! ‘Nucks’ Nation mental energies UNITE!
  2. Whaaaaat?! Other ref is apparently willing to do his job? Pffffllllfftt to you - Sutherland!
  3. Agreed! My HOPE is still large for the lads here in the 3rd. NO more fragility! Score the next one & turn the tide in this $&@# game! We wanna see Bluejackets drowning in their sweat & Tortz blowing another gasket. DO IT, fellas!!
  4. Can we all hope for some explosive scoring of 3 or more goals by the Canucks in the 3rd period...pleazzzzzze? Posts be gone! Go Canucks Go! WIN DA TURD BIGLY!
  5. Better you than one of our players. They’d just garner an over-punishing 10-minute misconduct for truth-speaking to vindictively narcissistic power.
  6. That empty-netter line aces it yet again! Sigh! It is such a good thing! Hugs to all!!!
  7. Canucks haven’t had a shot on net in awhile,...change that. That’ll doooo!!!!!! AYEAaaaaahhhhh!!!!
  8. Demmer is leaving his crease area very boldly. Hold the fort there pal! No more roaming - my heart! And hold onto your goal stick!