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  1. “ I saw they were a little confused in their coverage” - MacKinnon Say what?! That’s how he described the pick (interference) made upon Tanev.
  2. Avs bench doesn’t seem all that pissed about that. Carry on! Gaudette hatty to tie it! Make it so!!
  3. Leivo is a simple cog in the machine, but Gaudette is a total spark plug for the PP, his line, & the whole team.
  4. Make this Avs goalie look average. Scorvat!!!! Scorvat!!! Scorvat!!!
  5. Are you kidding me??? That’s how you’re supposed to pass the puck.
  6. Yah. Having stories is one thing. Knowing when and where to break ‘em out, like the one about MacKinnon at the wrong rink...priceless! KB3 is the show between periods tonight!!