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  1. Watched it, yes! PG stormed back late after a somewhat tentative start. The Brooks Bandits had superior energy & execution early. Pretty hard to comeback from 0-3 down to the Bandits, but not impossible. I felt that if another 5 minutes had been tacked onto this game, PG might have reached the prize. Congratulations to Brooks for making the most of their opportunities through out the final game & besting our BCHL Champs for the win. I’m already looking forward to next season & seeing the young Chilliwack Chiefs re-tool & do much better at this play-off thing, with the added experience & little more maturity there. But, it was no small thing falling early to these Spruce Kings in the 2nd-round, when PG was such a hard-working, tough-to-play-against, well-coached Championship-quality team all season long from start to finish! Have a very recuperative & restful summer after your guts stop feeling a little sore after all of this, fellas. Many of us are looking forward to seeing some of you at the next BCHL showcase, in September. Hearty & respectful thanks for representing the BCHL-brand & the (PG) Spruce Kings organization so very very well!
  2. ^I knew where this would be going from the top! Why it’s in this Tryamkin thread, I’m left to wonder. But, there’s no doubt about it - that was indeed a joke, sir!
  3. How’s Stecher (#51) been playin’ in this WC tournament? Do these games make anyone feel differently about JB possibly pursuing d-man Meyers? Is Canucks-Nation still better off without Jared McCann in it? Would anyone else like to see Alain Vigneault return to coach our young ‘Nucks in VanCity? Really looking forward to watchin’ Canada vs USA tomorrow to maybe get few of those questions answered, here. Cheers and...Go Canada Go!
  4. He really does remind me of “Iceman” (Val Kilmer/Top Gun). He has an icy cool demeanour, he’s a technician, and he seems to be 100% invested in being the best that he can be, and doing what is best for his teammates. As icy cool as Petey is, I’m really warming towards him! Have a great off-season, Petey! See you even bigger, stronger, faster, & better next year! Canucks will be play-off bound in 2020! Predicting it here, calling it now! Believe it & they will make it so!
  5. What time is the lottery draft announcement? Answer: 5pm Pacific SPNET
  6. Demko, Boeser, Hughes might well be the young core of the USA’s next Olympic hockey team. These St. Louis Blues’ fans are being treated!
  7. What a season ending game!!! These guys are a play-off worthy team! One 10 game losin’ streak averted or mitigated mid-season...and there we’d be! Future is so bright, I gotta wear shades!!!!
  8. Was that Hughes, back skating like a stud there?!Oh yah! He is proper NHL D-man! Certify that!!!
  9. Hahahaha! Petey!! Got 1/2 of my wish fulfilled! Lovin’ it!!!!!
  10. What I want is 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall! In a pretty ‘non-transparent’ lottery draw system, I hope more than just praying, begging, or lucky-charming can be done, to get something not just good but great, to better our team’s future play-off/SC chances! Hockey gods willing, ^they make it so! The Canucks are surely owed something substantial for being totally shafted /wronged by the league’s strongest power-brokers at some very critical times in this team’s history. Staying hopeful.
  11. Reallllly? Mmmmm. Still want to see a Granny goal and an EP one-time-howitzer-goal. That’d make me smile.
  12. That’s now what I want to see. Shorty said it, Granny has never scored in 3 games in a row. Today will be it!!