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  1. If Martin has a broken nose/hand, or is out of their line-up awhile,..and if this starts-off a 10 game losin' skid & time of 'fragile' confidence for the Laffs, and all of these VanCity-livin' Laffers fall off of the TO band-wagon, yet again,...well - I'll take that!
  2. PFFFFLFTTT! Listened to Quintal & Parros of the DPS bull their way thru another presser attempting to justify the 'non-suspension' to Khadri, on radio,... and it was VERY telling! Fess'up fellas,...the NHL's 'bias rule' for members of the DPS applied here! The key point IS that they searched for ANY video angle possible to justify an already very seeded bias upon the committee, to the exclusion of all other angles or arguments - so that the 'O-6/So-Cal/Burkie-connection-bias-of-favorable-rulings' was then defended & applied to yet another shocking NOT suspend another enabled player in league. Why?! Well, for O-6 team advantages & for green-lighting more violence in the NHL entertainment package, apparently. STOP seeding this dubiously appointed committee with former LT O-6 players, or those with LT So-Cal team connections, or close relations to Brian Burke! Steer clear of putting former pugilists who dis-respected their union bros on the DPS so that the public might take this league's claims that they actually care about preventing CTE calamities in the future, more seriously. Have the NHLPA elect DPS members to limited terms of service, & ensure more regional representation there, & the, just maybe,..the system might work. OUST Bettman! END the reign of tyrannical BOG Chairman Jeremy Jacobs & his cronies! Get some more INTEGRITY into NHL game, please! It's currently farcical & becoming harder to watch this game, not that the talent isn't there,..but because the integrity, ISNT there! Just like Trump who calls evil things good & good things evil,...the NHL seems to be a similarly 'corrupted' entity. Exactly where is the NHLPA's stand on all of this, I might ask?!
  3. Bacon dipped in maple syrup makes everything better....
  4. ^Gotta believe! Never give up...never surrender! Tryamkin will sit on someone soon. Shots shot shots...Go Canucks Go!
  5. Seeing as Nevada is the Silver State,..Silver Knights would have been better. The real joke is how little the league cares about how much the fans hate Bettman! They keep trotting him out to be a complete downer at all of these events. After giving the league-owners millions of $ to join their club, you'd think the NHL might offer this Vegas gang a little more support to make that intro look at least somewhat professional, too. No former stars or team investors show-up or heck,..I wouldn't have been offended by dancing girls in jerseys. Nope! Not a one...jerseys or dancers. And they were using technology from the 80' Las Vegas!! Team needs to do better hiring going forward. That was a shameful start out of the gate.
  6. They dont yet. And that complete schmazzle introducing a name and logo thing,... did very little to prove they do yet, either. Such a face-palming event.
  7. Best warm-up song EVER,... no matter what sport!!!!
  8. Montreal is winning large because they've played twice as many home games as almost everybody else in the league and the fewest road games to date. I predict they will have a very sluggish roadtrip befall them soon enough, too. Burr has always played well in Montreal,...they will look at him,.. fondly.
  9. My closet is full of jerseys & t-shirts with viking names upon them, Horvat Scandinavian? Uh,.. no apparently it's Croatian, but it does mean foreigner. I will adopt him! Vikings assimilate all!
  10. Wow! Tuned in just in time to hear 2 very quick goals, this for REAL?! Eriksson, Sbisa, & Burrows sound like they are all redeeming themselves & earning their pay tonight. Noicccce!!!
  11. Marky just showed he can lose his cool & composure in an intense situation. Never to high or too low,...steady that team infront of ya. That didnt quite happen there in the 3rd. But - still... a great game to watch! Still ticked that Duncan Keith set foot upon Canucks home ice and sauntered away with 2 points for his team, tho. Grrr!!!!