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  1. Ryan Lochte, Hope Solo, & Donald Trump have really managed to lower the bar when ranking those persons typically revered by many 'Mericans.
  2. Nobody's catching Eaton for gold unless he falls down or passes out. Current placings going into the last event (1500 m): US 1st Eaton pts: 8104 PB 4:14.48 SB 4:25.15 FRA 2nd Mayer pts: 8060 PB 4:18.04 SB 4:35.45 CAN 3rd Warner pts: 7888 PB 4:24.73 SB 4:32.83 GER 4th Kazmirek pts: 7844 PB 4:33.78 SB 4:36.32
  3. 100 m hurdles..he was 1st overall in that. Before an event is run CBC posts the athlete's Personal Best and Season's Best. That should give us an indication on how well he can probably expect to do vs the German & the Frenchman in the final event. Home page> Schedule & results >Track & field >Men's decathlon 1500 m > start list > PB & SB
  4. Nope, and also he's fallen further back of that french guy. Let's all hope that Warner's got some extra steam to fly past this french dude in the 1500 m then.
  5. Did Damien Warner just throw a personal best in the javelin?
  6. And maybe - it was Ben Johnson vs Carl Lewis,.....where Lewis became famous as the second-place finisher or runner-up to the athlete who was infamously disqualified. Donovan Bailey raced British rival Linford Christie for years.
  7. I don't know about that. After an epic competition or a classic race sometimes second place is dragged into the shadow of glory, like that race at the Empire Games between John Landy & Roger Bannister where both men broke the 4-minute mile...but Landy looked over his shoulder & lost, or the epic rivalry between Donovan Bailey & Carl Lewis. Sometimes second-place or second-best can leave their mark upon history as well.
  8. So now that the 1st marathon swim is over, how many athletes have turned up in the Olympic infirmary, I wonder? And - now adding to the list of clear & present dangers in Rio, US swimmer & Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte & others were detained, threatened, assaulted & then summarily robbed...after their cab was stopped by criminals supposedly masquerading as policemen with badges. Or were they masquerading at all? Reports that the Rio police force & frustrated Olympic security personnel have been protesting that they're not being paid or properly compensated for their work, leaves us to suppose that perhaps another solution may have presented itself.
  9. May I suggest rooting for Sweden or Finland as your back-up plan #4, become another honorary viking? We assimilate all.
  10. Like some Republicans still won't called out Trump, ya mean? Integrity & doing the right thing should matter more. That's why I like Romney more than ever. Even Obama knows a respectable opponent when he sees one,..and when he doesn't. Hope Solo needs to look in a mirror with a far more critical eye.
  11. I think Germany was their toughest test yet. They will likely need another gear to go past them...but Heardman rested 3 of his star players for their group game - so Germany will seeing something different. Smart that!
  12. Yesssssss!! First they beat Germany and now France....march on ladies!!! Germany is in their way yet again. Do it ladies,...just do it!!!
  13. 1 minute of injury time to go!!! tick- tick -tick........wringing my hands......let's hold the fort ladies.....
  14. Gotta wonder,... where will the 1st medal by Canadian men come from during these games?