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    Scandinavians everywhere! Sports: loves hockey, soccer, tennis, volleyball, figure skating. Enjoys singing, dancing, theatre sports, sci-fi movies, comic-cons & saunas. T.V. faves: Big Bang Theory, The IT Crowd, Sing-off, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Gotham, Arrow, Agents of Shield, The 100, Hell On Wheels, Masterpiece Theatre & stuff on the History Channel like,..Vikings, of course!

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  1. [GDT] Canucks @ Sharks, April 4th, 7:30 pm

    Bachman, pretty steady. Reward your 'tender 'Nucks! Play some more earnest D & with some more heart fellas!
  2. [GDT] Canucks @ Sharks, April 4th, 7:30 pm

    Not true. Many games this season have entertained....and the guys have been in it. Lately the battle fatigue & list of veteran players shut down or moved along is just too much for this group to psychologically overcome, I suppose. team mumps was currsed this year. But I see promise. Tanking is not the end of everything now...its just their reality. It takes years to develop the chemistry that NHL play-off teams enjoy & employ. It'll come....with WD or without him.
  3. Somebody just slap Kesler for good measure. Thanks!
  4. Phil Kessel? Don't insult our guy. Hoping we have a new poster-boy that we can be proud of 'start to finish'. Kessel? Well, he has never impressed me much,...even with a new ring. Stanley Cup Championship persons around him made him better,...not the other way around. Kessel is a sad-sack. I want the good guys to win,...'cuz when they do,'s the BEST!!!!
  5. Duncan Keith,....Martin Hanzal & "Juvenile Joe" Thornton. Guest referees: Dan O'Halloran, Kelly Sutherland, and Paul Devorski
  6. Sigh. Missing our Honey Badger,...
  7. After watching for the last few very confusing minutes,...the integrity in this NHL game (rules/officials) seems doubtful.
  8. How do they get away with this...who's sitting in the chair & making that review call? Fire his arse!
  9. Just can't help but remember the time he miraculously puts a puck over the net instead of into it....& it looked like it took real talent & skill to avoid scoring, too. Thought this one might have been one of those plays.
  10. Are you kidding me?! How many gimme-opportunities is Daniel going to miss now?! Dude this is now just sad.
  11. Yah, glad we finally have a beast. Get Tram into more meaningful games or play-off hockey down the road & I believe his nasty-side will emerge, too.
  12. Bad change? Goldobin's error? Tanev's? New guy problems.
  13. Tryamkin is really flying about out there. Perhaps his fellow countryman, Goldy, & that extra big swagger of his, is also having an affect on him. Good! (Korosho)