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  1. NFL thread

    Kam Chancellor is going to wreck some people on Sunday. No Pat has felt a wrath like that before. Check out the hit he laid on Thomas last year, and especially Lacy against GB early this year that put him out of his mind.
  2. The Whisky (Whiskey) thread

    My buddy bought the Kavalan Solist Bourbon Cask because he could not find the Sherry Cask at the time and it was so good. Tried the Sherry Cask at the Festival, tough to choose, I'm really into bourbons right now but i've always like whiskies matured in sherry casks.
  3. NFL thread

    You are the worst Pats fan I have had the displeasure of reading. You seriously think "natural causes" deflated the football. Wow, this has happened in the past and nothing was done. Only in NE is there such a force to deflate footballs to where another team who intercepts can tell. Wow...just wow.
  4. The Whisky (Whiskey) thread

    Went to the Victoria Whisky festival last weekend, wow was that great. Well worth the $120 with all you drink and eat, and the food was great too. Went to the SMWS Masterclass beforehand and that was great. Some of the stand out whiskies I tried were Nikka pure malt black Bunnahabhain 18 Forty Creek - Double Barrel Reserve, Confederation Oak Reserve and Evolution. The master distiller at Forty Creek John Hall was actually the one pouring my tastings which was cool, nice guy. Macallan 18 Macallan Ruby Teeling Single Malt Wisers Red Letter Bib and Tucker Small Batch Bourbon Glenfiddich 18 Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix Tomatin Cu Bocan Victoria Spirits new whisky Auchentoshan three wood Kavalan Solist (sherry cask and bourbon cask) Im missing some, i'll add as I start remembering them.
  5. NFL thread

    Gilliam is black bro, and Russell Wilson is half and he scored a TD by running the ball in.
  6. NFL thread

    LOL "read this for a clear, unbias clarification of the situation" and it's a boston globe link. Won't even bother.
  7. NFL thread

  8. NFL thread

    Anyway enough trash talking. Good luck to the Patriots and the Seahawks. Should be an epic battle with one of the games greatest Quarterbacks, if not THE greatest and a future great Quarterback. The Pats have bolstered their Defense to get there, and frankly I feel great for Browner to be in the Superbowl after he got screwed by the NFL last year. Great player, great guy. As much as I hate the Pats I do respect Belichick and Brady and what they have accomplished in the past 15 years. Congrats to both teams and here's to an epic Superbowl.
  9. NFL thread

    I'll leave this here, Wilson was 15th in rushing yards this year. Thank you, good night. PS: he is clutch, absolutely CLUTCH.
  10. NFL thread

    He doesn't have good passing stats? Errrrrrr, one bad game and that's it? Just because he doesn't throw 55 times a game doesn't mean he doesn't have good passing stats brosef. In fact, I think before this game he has the highest QBR in NFL history in the playoffs, and right up there in the regular season. Give him a number 1 WR with some chemistry and see what happens.
  11. NFL thread

    HA. Pat's haven't faced Seattle's D, well...since they faced them last time. It's on brotha.
  12. NFL thread

    It's nice to see Pats fans travelling. Seattle fans won't need to fly though remember, a lot will just drive there. You are the only Pats fan I respect on this site because even though you hate the Hawks, you still respect. Most of these other "fans" are unbearable. Same goes with some Hawk fans I imagine...
  13. NFL thread

    I'll get at you later.
  14. NFL thread

    If it was Brady, Luck or Rodgers doing that it would be "clutch". Case closed.
  15. NFL thread

    Loved reading the comments from the Seahawk haters, especially Magician. What a joke that guy is. Wilson had a bad first 3 quarters but don't forget the catchable drops Kearse had which he made up for. Brady only has Gronk, if Seattle shuts him down (TE's are usually their toughest to shut down)it's game over, Blount will do nothing. It'll be a classic game no doubt. Seattle fans travelled well to NJ last year, should be even more of them in AZ this year.