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  1. Here is the problem: A business wants profit, profit and profit. Fans want Stanley Cups and they don't care about profits. The route to a Stanley Cup involves years of rebuilding, a process that does not generate profits for the owners. This is the reason why the Aquilinis want a retool rather than a rebuild. It will keep generating profit if the team can compete for a playoff berth every year, but it is not the best way to a Cup. For us fans, it is easy to go for a rebuild. But if you were the owner, you wouldn't want to lose millions a year.
  2. But Ekblad was the only Dman among the group. It will be unlikely that any Dmen within or close to Ekblad's age group will surpass him. He has the best chance of becoming the superstar defenseman among the players close to his age.
  3. Hahahaha................. More like Edler+Virtanen+2015 first round+2016 first round = Dale Tallon showing a little bit of interest and then asking for Horvat to be included in the package. And then GM JB will refuse. Honestly, this offer still may not be enough. Ekblad is a generational talent, you gotta pay a ton to get him.
  4. Looks like we may have 4 or even 5 players with more than 30 goals.
  5. Michael Goalpost-er.