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  1. lol yah!! I thought it was sorta fitting. =)

  2. Did you ever notice in your Signature, That Bieksa is judas!

  3. Not much kinda Sleepy...

  4. Heya new friend.

    What's up?

  5. Ace of spades change your username please I hate thinking for a second the real Ace of Spades went off the deep end...
  6. Banned for attributing to Global Warming (VapourStreak)
  7. Took this last night JK....
  8. Thanks for noticing ;)

  9. 1 post to 2000

  10. OMG RACISIT! Where's SlayersBoxers when you need him?
  11. :D
  12. Your arteries thank you! And just as a Refresher for everyone this is a double down after the deliciousness :D
  13. Canucks For Cup!