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  1. Dangit. Everyone's coming back and now I'm tempted
  2. I'm out. Good luck with the draft VC/everyone. I'll probably keep tabs on this once in a while.
  3. Up against Tampa Bay again after getting eliminated by them in 5 games last year and losing 4/5 games against them the last two seasons. P-Please be kind, VC-sempai
  4. With the regular season coming to an end soon, any updates on what will happen next season?
  5. Won the Northeast Division for the third straight year!
  6. Hm, no activity prior to the trade deadline?
  7. Leafs looking to move Erik Cole to a team in playoff contention. Looking for a top-9 forward in return.
  8. I kinda feel the same way. Not with picks, but the prospects I've drafted in 2015 and especially 2016 as it actually took time and effort to do research on them. Now that's going to waste.
  9. I wouldn't mind a fantasy draft but I'd like to have a bit of continuity as well. Maybe let GMs keep a starting 5 and 1-3 prospects from their old team (if they want) and let the rest of the players enter the fantasy draft.
  10. Is it okay if I jump back in to the Leafs if it hasn't been taken?
  11. Helps when you play vs a team with a bunch of unknowns.
  12. Afraid I'm going to have to step down as GM of the Leafs. I've lost my passion for this in the last couple months. Hopefully the next GM will take the team to the Finals. Big thanks to VC and all the GMs who've made this one of the best fantasy leagues anywhere.
  13. Leafs are now unbeaten in regulation for the first 10 games of the season
  14. Thornton with a hat trick but big blow losing Boyle for 3 weeks :S Time for Juraj Mikus to step in.