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  1. Is probably not a person but actually a penguin with very good typing skills
  2. Needs to lighten down a lot
  3. Posted a comment that i interpreted as being dirty
  4. Obviously doesn't know I love family guy and was just making an apparent bad joke
  5. Is obviously still a baby that somehow created an account on cdc
  6. Persuaded me to get a lawyer!
  7. Framed me!
  8. Unknowingly has caps lock on
  9. Didn't make me do anything...
  10. Has some sort of hand disease
  11. Should not be up past thier bed time...tsk tsk...
  12. Helped me realize to stay away from one one two
  13. Is right
  14. Probably doesn't shower anyways
  15. 's sig didn't make me laugh...