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  1. i am gonna say Shinkaruk. I think he is being written off by a lot of fans. He had an injury last season and is having a tough time adjusting to prohockey but I think he is just a hot streak away from getting his mojo back.
  2. Cole Cassels | C

  3. Cole Cassels | C

    Has the CHL experienced the same drop in scoring over the years that the NHL has? (due to improved goal tending, faster/better defense, etc) If so than that stat comparison with his pops would be even more impressive.
  4. Gustav Forsling Talk

    Forsling appears to have just signed a 3 year deal to stay in the SHL. I saw this in the reddit canucks page and they linked an article in swedish
  5. Cole Cassels | C

    So where is his invite to the McDonalds Mega Match or the Burger King Battle Royal?
  6. Bo Horvat Talk

    How is that fence supposed to stop a bear?
  7. Dane Fox Talk

    This is exactly what I am doing with Fox as well. Its funny cause with all our other prospects I tend to imagine them all maxing out their potential no problem (in my daydreams) but with fox I always temper my expectations and imagine him not working out so that I can be pumped at any and all progress he makes.
  8. [Draft] VAN selects Jake Virtanen 6th Overall

    I really did not want jake just cause I had the idea that Dalcolle would fall to us so set in my head. as soon as the islanders made their pick I had a complete turn around. Did not think i would be this stoked to draft him.
  9. Bo Horvat Talk

    I could not agree more. The numbering system has always bugged me.
  10. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I am always reading the prospect forums (such a better community than canucks talk) but rarely contribute since i do not get to see any of them play. Ill take this opportunity to say that I really appreciate your posts as well as others such as derp, and stonecoldstevebernier and others whose names I cant remember right now. One guy who I never liked seeing in this thread, Go Go Canucks Go, I really wish would make an appreance. I wonder if he would admit to being wrong or still defend his negative views of Jensen.
  11. Official: Deadline Reactions

    Looking at today I saw 3 possibilities involving Kesler; I)Trade him for the big return he is worth. II)Panic and trade him for a less than desirable return. III)Don't trade him and see what is available in the offseason. I will not say that option 3 was a win but it definitely is not a loss.
  12. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Its funny but I am really excited to see who our 5th round pick is going to be. We are on a hot streak for finding gem defensemen with that pick; Corrado, Hutton, and Cedarholm in the last three drafts. In fact, could you imagine how bad our defense prospect pool would be without our finds in the 5th.
  13. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Gillis mention Jensen in an interview today. “The most noticeable thing is his pace has picked up,” Gillis said of Jensen. “We’d like to leave him there (Utica) but our needs are important.” Not sure if this means he is going to get a call up. By the way, the context of the comment was about finding a player to compliment Kesler, so it might be that he gets a look before the trade deadline to see if he is the answer before they move assets for a forward for Keslers line.
  14. Dane Fox Talk

    It is interesting that none of these guys are in the NHL. Swift and Caputi are not even playing in North America anymore.
  15. Province Article - is Daniel Sedin Done...

    I think the sedins in their prime could make a 35 goal scorer out of a player like alex burrows but the sedins in decline need a true stud on their line to be effective. Get them a new line mate and you will get them out of their funk.