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  1. Wow, Cosette over Eponine? She must have really sucked. Before I go to see it I have one question: Does Enjolras have as big a part in it as in the book/musical? Or is it like the 1998 film?
  2. hahaha Ryan Getzlaf's lack of hair

  3. My favourite part are the disinterested Persians who stare at you the moment you walk in the store.
  4. Does anyone know where the Postal Code v4g 1n4 is?

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    2. Honeydews
    3. DollarAndADream
    4. :D


      That's hilarious. Never noticed that before... but when do I come into contact with a Delta postal code... I'm not a mailman.

  5. May I request a spot, boss?
  6. 2 own goals, 1 each in the Liverpool - West Ham game. The game winner was an own goal. When was the last time something like that happened?
  7. Traverse town has great music. Could sit there listening to that like minute loop over and over again. Currently playing Fable 3. I tried playing Final Fantasy 13 on Xbox but felt so dirty. Plus the game sucks
  8. When I drink, I drink too much but when I don't drink I don't drink enough.

    1. Heretic


      Have you been hanging out with your pals Jack Daniels and Jimmy Bean again?

  9. How is that ???? funny?
  10. There. Now you have 2000. Game the frack out of the system

  11. Don't forget Club 16. I was hoping you guys were talking about Trevor Cheek.
  12. Since when are Huskies the "in" dog to have?

  13. Football is a sport. Go Packers

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    2. ChenWei91


      ^ Neither sport is very entertaining

    3. The Wizard of AZ

      The Wizard of AZ

      Neither is your mom but you still love her.

    4. GodzillaDeuce
  14. In Russia, Ref fights you... :/