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  1. You Said You'd Stay...

    I've seen a lot more from Burrows and Raymond than I have from Kesler. Let's see his road record improve before we sign him... I agree with the wait and see approach. As good as the Nucks are right now they do need another piece to be at the level of the Capitals or the Sharks
  2. Why is Rypien still in the lineup?

    Sometimes its important to have a weapon on the bench in case you need it. When you are winning and the team's got jump, the last thing you need is a penalty. Not sure I'd be second guessing AV these days....
  3. United

    Great post! Ron always seems to stumble when he moves out of Grapes shadow... too bad I used to like him. Best thing the 'Nucks can do now is "cream" the buds. 6-0 will shut them up!