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  1. You are lucky He turned out to be a 69 overall for me with C potential. Drafted him in the 6th round and was disappointed. Hope he does better than my BaGM
  2. Is there any update on Lee Sweatt's condition? He seems to have been on the IR for 2 (?) months without any return schedule.
  3. It's fine. Happens to me too!

  4. Hi, happy to add you as a friend. Sorry I didn't notice this request sooner. I got a little caught up posting.

  5. Wow, wrong "your". It's been a while since I've had to do any thinking.

  6. You're opinion on two threads impressed me...I really liked them. So, I added you as a friend!

  7. Thank you for that! I actually do play rugby and I think that I will check it out.

  8. invictus had a lot of boring parts but the good parts were very is worth a watch if you like rugby.