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  1. Dowd=Megma=Vey

    So in other words, Nic Dowd is akin to an Olympian? We obviously got a keeper here!
  2. Time Capsule - Prediction Thread for 2016-17 NHL season

    I should save this as a constant reminder that I should never go to Las Vegas...
  3. Name That Goalie!

    Devan Dubnyk
  4. 2017 WJHC Thread

    TSN has reported the first two cuts of team Canada to be G Micheal McNiven and F Sam Steel source: Sportscenter
  5. Time Capsule - Prediction Thread for 2016-17 NHL season

    Pacific Standings: Anaheim San Jose Los Angeles Calgary Vancouver Edmonton Arizona Overall Western Conference Standings: Chicago Anaheim Nashville St. Louis Dallas San Jose Los Angeles Minnesota -------------- Calgary Winnipeg Vancouver Edmonton Colorado Arizona League Wide Predictions: -Carolina will finish 30th Overall -I predict a very active trade deadline as teams prepare for the expansion draft --Not many big names moving, but the 8th forward and 4th defencemen that teams will lose -The Stanley Cup Final will be Tampa Bay vs St. Louis, with the Blues winning -The Auston Matthews hype train will become unbearable by November --He will also win the Calder Awards Prediction: Hart: Crosby Art Ross: Crosby Rocket Richard: Stamkos Vezina: Price Norris: Karlsson Calder: Matthews Jack Adams: Gallant (Florida) Conn Smythe: Tarasenko Vancouver Canucks Predictions: -Canucks will finish 5th in the Division, and will still have more points than the Oilers (who miss the playoffs... Again) -Sedins will eclipse 1000 points each (Henrik needs at least 30, and Daniel needs at least 58) --Both will have >60 points playing with Eriksson -Eriksson will get about 70 points and play a responsible two way game -Baertschi will solidfy himself as a scoring threat and finish with ~50 points (based on his chemistry with both Bo and Granlund, which allows him to score anywhere in the lineup) -Horvat will continue his development nicely, with at least 45 points and a stronger +/- -Sutter will be healthy for most of the year, and he will be a good shutdown centre, but he will not put up many points (<35) -Dorsett will lead the league in PIMs -Hutton will not be as prolific offensively, as he focuses on being more responsible defensively -Tanev will be Tanev -Gudbranson will have a tough transition, but will become more steady after a few weeks -Larsen will not be resigned after a relatively poor year that will see him in the press box after December (spot in the top 6 taken by Tryamkin) -Miller will have a very poor season in terms of his statistics, but he will still start at least 40 games -Markstrom will have a good year, and account for most of our team wins -Burrows retires at the end of the season and takes a role in the coaching staff
  6. A-team defender that needs to plays for us

    This is what I was hoping to see when I opened this thread... He once scored a goal from center ice, so he obviously has a very accurate shot and I'm sure he would be a punishing hitter as well!
  7. What about the proposals from the fans who will want to bring him back using our table scraps?
  8. [Official] Minor Signings Thread

    Ducks to sign 2015 1st round draft pick D Jacob Larsson to ELC ** - Note: Emphasis Added
  9. Name That Goalie!

    Correct (and with the correct spelling even)
  10. Name That Goalie!

  11. Name That Goalie!

    Correct again
  12. Name That Goalie!

  13. Name That Goalie!

    Correct; That did not take very long...
  14. Name That Goalie!

    I am not sure how well this will work from mobile, but I will try and upload one
  15. Name That Goalie!

    I have to say, this one was so obscure that I had to google it, and even then it took about a half-hour of process of elimination; very inspired choice if I do say so myself. Since I technically cheated, I will leave the answer but place it in a spoiler box in case someone still wants to figure this one out the right way...