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  1. Bring Back the Flying V ?

    In 5 years when the Canucks celebrate their 50th season, I'll bet they end up trotting out the entire jersey catalog.
  2. What is the worst thing ever created by man?

    The printing press  
  3. [Speculation] Brandon Pirri

    What i really wanna know is how he managed 22g and only 2 helpers.  Puck hog much?
  4. [Speculation] Brandon Pirri

      So you're sayin' you wanna pick up Prust????
  5. Brown was in the rumour mill back in 2012, before he body checked the Canucks out of the playoffs and subsequently won the cup.
  6. New spin on tanking debate

    I'm with this thinking.  Hope for wins, but accept the losses as they come. Eg. In 2014, I had hoped that Torts could get the most out of the boys.  But once the season was done I was excited that we could pick as high as we did.
  7. Ben Hutton Talk

    To prove management made the right call
  8. Ben Hutton Talk

    Pressure's on now, kid
  9. (Signing) Canucks Sign Adam Cracknell

    You probably won't be surprise to hear that he played a lot against Willie Desjardins' Tigers, during his WHL days
  10. Brandon Sutter nickname

  11. Hiller injured?

    Black Ace
  12. Rogers arena Crowd: VERY Quiet...

    This may have been said already but the Jets fans at MTS Centre really puts the Rogers Arena crowd to shame
  13. (NEW Video) Canucks Returning to the Stanley Cup Playoffs

    "Don't wake me up Iginla" @ 0:55 Anyone else hear it?
  14. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Vintage Burr
  15. [Extension] - Chris Tanev, 5 more years

    How do you delete a thread?